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LO-OVRAL Low-Ogestrel

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LO-OVRAL has been effective in doing what it's meant to


I was put on LOW-OGESTREL TABLETS (28) a little over two years ago. I had terrible cramps and my doctor decided to prescribe this birth control oral contraceptive to me. Like I said, I have been on it for a little over two years. The cramps went away until a couple months ago, but they were not nearly as bad as before. LOW-OGESTREL pills did make me break out a week before that time of the month however. Also, I was told to take it right before bed because I needed to take it at a consitent time but also because it may make me nausous, and it did. After a couple of months, my doctor told me to eat crackers when I take the pill and that would help with the naseau and it did. So I have not tried any other birth control oral contraceptive but this one has been successful in minimizing cramps and preventing pregnancy. & the best part is that I went from going 7 DAYS TO 3!

Evansville, IN


LO-OVRAL Low-Ogestrel

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