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Front Load Washers
LG WD-3632HW Front Load All-in-One Washer / Dryer

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Dries great and


We have had this dryer for the last 2-3 years, without a problem with it. It works great and it's convenient. It gets my clothes nice and dry in a short time plus the price is reasonable. I recommend this brand because of it's different settings and it saves you money. Energy Efficiency It's very efficient and saves me money. Cleaning Time I like the short amount of time this dryer takes. When it's finished, the timer isn't so loud like other brands are. Our last brand was Hotpoint and when it finished, you could hear it from down the block! It was very loud. Performance The performance of this dryer is excellent, Ease of Use This dryer is very easy and simple to use. Design I like the stylish designs and colors of this brand. Durability This brand has lasted us a long time, not a problem with it all. It works great!

Hot Springs National Park, AR


Good for small or large loads!!


We have had this washer for several years and it cleans as well as it did when we bought it. Energy Efficiency So far I like the variable cycles to do a large load or a small load. Cleaning Time I think the cleaning time is sufficient to clean my clothes. Performance I rated this very good, but if I was to say one downside is the rubber inside seal has some water that remains and I need to wipe it out quite often. The inner seal of the one I mention before also get very dirty and needs to be wiped out quite often. It does not interfere with the process of cleaning my clothes. Ease of Use Very easy to reach the buttons which are located at the far back of the washer. Easy to read the buttons. Design It looks very modern and stylish in my laundry Durability It has been very durable and we have been satisfied with it as long as we have had the product.

Clearwater, MN


LG WD-3632HW Front Load All-in-One Washer / Dryer

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