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Front Load Washers
LG TROMM Front Load Washer

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Love this machine!


I have had this machine since 2009. I have had no problems with it. I love all the options that I have when using this washer. I love the little tune it plays when it is done. The only complaint I have is that it does start to smell after a little while. I have the washer in the garage so I just leave the door open most of the time when it is not in use. I hear this is a common problem with the front load washers though. But over all I would definitely recommend this washer.

Orlando, FL


Makes my domestic friends jealous. ;-)


We purchased this washer in August 2008 and it's easily been my favorite appliance ever since!  It's so easy to operate, looks sleek, and most importantly- does a great job of cleaning our laundry.  I love that I never have to estimate the size of my load and adjust the water level; it does that for you.  (Haven't we all done a small load, forgetting that the previous load was set on 'large'??  No more of that water wasting!)  The drum holds an enormous amount.  I've washed my king size bedspread many times with no issues.  I also really love how quiet it is.  Our laundry closet is in our kitchen, which opens right up to the dining room/living room.  I wouldn't think twice about having the washer running while we have company over-- it's that quiet.  You can't even hear water going into it.  I would highly recommend this washer.  We absolutely love it and if I ever had to purchase another washer if we moved or something, I wouldn't hesitate to get this one again.  Whenever my mom comes from out of town to visit, she always says how jealous she is of my washer and that she wishes she had one! 

Memphis, TN


the best purchace ever


this is the most amazing machine! there are 3 people in my home and i can do a weeks worth of laundry in 2 to 3 loads of laundry! depending on my two year olds week! you get what you pay for my husband said when i bought these and im sure glad i didnt go with the cheapest machine i could find!!i would do it again!

Carlsbad, NM


The stain cycle really works on the LG Tromm Washer!


I got the LG washer about 3 years ago because I heard that front loaders help save on electricity and water and I am always looking for ways to cut down on waste in my life. The washer works really well, but we did have an incident when we moved apartments when it started flooding water. Luckily, it was still under warranty and was fixed free of charge. Hopefully we don't have to deal with that incident again! The washer does it's job and if you put it on stain cycle, it will take out the stains no matter what type of detergent you use (we make our own). My biggest complaint, which probably goes with all front loaders, is that the door gets really moldy and gross. I always leave the door open after I wash to make sure it dries out, but we still experience this problem. It's almost enough for me to consider going back to a top-loader whenever we need to replace this machine. Overall, it does a great job in washing.

Plano, TX


My LG TROMM Washer is the best purchase I have made in years.


I love my LG TROMM front loader washing machine. It literally enables me to  movemountains. I wash everything from king sized comforters to dog blankets to delicate sweaters with ease. I would say buying this washer was the best purchase by far we made when we moved into our new home. And I love the way it  looks, the shiny black with blue lights on the front is very pretty and sleek looking.

Beaumont, TX


The LG Tromm is quiet, works, and appears efficient


In purchasing a new condo there were six appliances included in the purchase price. They were pretty much run-of-the-mill, okay items. Not bad, just not real good. We decided to do our own shopping and apply the allowance for the appliances to our own choices. The washing machine we chose was the Tromm HW2496H made by LG. The first time it was used, I wasn't even sure it was working. It would start, then stop. Go again, then stop. I didn't interrupt, I just let it go. In the end the clothes were clean and quite dry for just being washed. There are several push button settings and a dial for automatic functions. As a man, I always choose an automatic setting. I don't want to know, or have to think, about what is happening. The first thing the machine does is weigh the load you have given it. Based upon this information, the machine then determines the amount of water and the time required to complete the wash. At first I found the amount af time disturbing. It wasn't (and still isn't) uncommon for the LED display to inform a washing time of one hour, thirty-eight minutes, or one hour and fifty minutes. In my mind, there was no way a running time of over an hour to do a wash could be energy efficient. My former washing machine did a load in about twenty-five minutes. I have come to expect and accept a longer running time from this washing machine. I don't even really notice it anymore. I just put the wash in, add the 'he' soap (he=high efficiency, and yes, you should be using this type of product in this machine, don't use 'regular' soap), choose my setting, push start, and carry on with my life. You will hear a loud 'click' which is the front loading door locking shut. After a few little 'whirrs' the machine will add the water, the soap when ready, and do its' thing. Now I don't claim to know how this works, but I'm told that somehow, electronically, the washing machine basically 'stores' the energy it uses and reuses the energy as much as possible. This is apparently one of the reasons for the long washing times. The bottom line of this is less electricity use, and therefore, a less electric charge on your bill for usage. I have not actually done tests or trackings of this fact, but I do believe these statements based upon the actual electric bills. Even though the washing machine takes over an hour to do a wash, the electric bills have not increased, may even be slightly down. As a disclaimer to this I will add, all six appliances were replaced with new ones at the same time, but the electric bill did not increase even though a plasma tv was added to the usual mix of electrical devices at the same time. As I am in a condo, the washing machine is in the hall just outside the master bedroom. Let's talk about noise. After all, I have been known to put a wash in, then go to bed. I would have to say this LG Tromm washing machine, for what it does, is quite quiet. Now that is relative, I know. What is quiet to me might be noisy to you. If you understand that sound is my thing, my passion if you will, I am very aware of noises and sounds around me (ask those who know me, I have left restaurants before ordering because of the music/noise/enviroment sounds. I like things peaceful in a dining environment. I digress. There are noises that eminate from this washing machine that go with the functions it needs to perform. As it adds water, you can hear the water entering (and sometimes even the pipes knock when shutting off, but that's not the machines issue, it's the condos). As it is doing the wash you can see the drum spinning one way, a pause, then spin the other way. It seems like a gentle, easy moving of the laundry around. It will empty and fill as necessary. I will repeat, I don't decide the functions, I just pick an automatic setting and let it decide. I have no problem sleeping, or falling asleep, while this is going on. It is audible for sure, but by no means is it what I would consider loud or obtrusive. In the livingroom watching tv, I don't even usually hear it. After it has finished its' washing cycles, it does a spin dry. Now, this is where I have to say, I really become impressed, and I am sure it helps to save on the electric bill. It spins. Fast. Like really fast. How fast? I can't say I know. What I can tell you is after the washing machine has finished doing the spin cycle, you will hear (if turned on) a small chime to let you know it's done, and a loud 'click.' The click is the front loading door unlocking. When you remove the clothes from the washing maching you will find they are damp to the touch. It's like the machine has wrung them out to the point of very little moisture left. They certainly aren't dry, but they are far from wet. I'm sure this saves me on my drying electric bill as the dryer needs to do less work to complete the job. Would I reccommend the LG Tromm series of washing machines? I would have to say, "yes." I like the looks (style) of these silver colored (there are in my hall) machines, they are comparatively quiet while operating, seem energy efficient, and the washing machine most certainly does its' job. The laundry comes out clean. That's what the machine should do, and it does it. That's all I ask of it.  

Ocklawaha, FL


The LG WM2455HG Walks out of the Laundry room


We purchased the LG WM2455HG Front Loading Washer on Oct 1, 2008 and have had nothing but problems with it.  We have had the Warranty Repair Technicians out 3 times and now they want to take it in and leave me without a washer for a week.  I paid good money for what I thought would be a great machine, but this machine has walked all over the laundry room and has even rubbed up against the dryer while in the spin cycle and chipped the paint off the dryer.  I even went out and purchased the vibration mats to go under it to no avail.  This machine has cost me money by having to take time off work to meet with the technician and purchasing the vibration mats.  I am now in the process of talking with LG about getting another one.  Something is defiantly wrong with this one. The problem I am having now is that everyone at LG wants to put me off on someone else and not handle the situation.

Hope Mills, NC


You would have to fight me for this washing machine!


I absolutely love the LG WM24554W. I have owned mine now for 3 years and it has never required a service call. One of the most common complaints about these type washers (all brands) is a "mildew smell". You must do a once monthly maintenance on these machines to prevent this. At the bottom of the washer, a little door opens. Take a large bowl and place it beside the washer along with an old towel for in spills that may occur. Unscrew the cap off the little hose inside this compartment and direct the water from the hose into the bowl. This is residue that builds up but is not drained off the machine and it is not that big of a deal! This is an excellent washing machine that will clean just about anything the way you want it cleaned. Once you have punched in your settings, it automatically weighs the load and determines from the weight how much water to use, thus saving on your water bills. It does have some intense moments! When it gets to spinning, it sounds like a small jet taking off that has been muffled. It's not a huge sound that is way to distracting, yet there is sound present. Actually, it is very quiet considering how much movement is going on. You cannot have movement without some noise.

Borden, IN




We purchased the LG Washer in Feb. 2009. It's a great washer for our family of 7. I do about 3-4 loads a week. The clothes always come out clean and fresh. I love that you can select from so many options, and the cycles don't last forever. The cute little noise it makes when the cycle is done makes me smile everytime I hear it. I have noticed since we bought it though that we have to clean it at least once a month. There is a really bad smell after so many loads..kinda like rotten eggs. Also, it seems like it has gotten louder in the past 2 years. One thing this washer does is warn you with certain codes that something is not right, but the guide that comes with the washer is very hard to understand. The gasket also collects lots of hair and lint which is not fun to clean!

Racine, WI


Great washing machine!


LG has made laundry so much easier.  I love this machine.  I have several friends that have bought other brands of front load washers, and they don't like them.  In fact, they feel like their old top loading machines got their clothes cleaner.  Not true with the LG washer.  My clothes look amazing!  The clothes spin so fast they are almost dry as soon as they come out.  (This does mean you have to peel socks off the drum....but I'm ok with that.)  I have always used the HE laundry detergent as recommended.  I recently switched to powder washer was starting to have a strange odor. (Even after wiping out the seals).  After researching this on the internet I learned liquid detergent will sometimes get rancid in the washer.  I'm not sure what causes this, but it seems to happen in all front loading washers at some point.  After switching to the tide powdered detergent my washer smells great again!  My mom and sister-in-law both have LG washers and is a must have!

Newcastle, OK


LG TROMM Front Load Washer

4.2 28