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Side-by-Side Refrigerators
LG Side by Side Refrigerator LRSC26944

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Fridge beautiful beautiful, size.


Fridge very nice size wonderful you that all your purposes by the author in comfort and the order is the most important thing distinguishes it is the form of attractive and cooled Alraih not consume a large amount of electricity as I am not issued voices never design their shelves with all magnificence of you place cuisines each separately with all comfort and ease Fana very happy to own this icebox wonderful company wonderful committees excellence in all its products, but for this fridge defects which it Tsak electricity sometimes when you touch it and I do not know if this defect of the refrigerator that I own I'm just the mother of all refrigerators with I've bought Jaddedada four months ago, and since I bought it and have this problem and I, despite of the piece does not affect the use and I love the refrigerator and I would recommend everyone out.

Jordan- madaba


LG Side by Side Refrigerator LRSC26944

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