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LG Shine

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LG Shine

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Most Liked Positive Review


The LG CU720 Shine phone can handle all kinds of abuse!!!

The LG Shine CU720 phone that works on the AT&T network is probably the best quality phone I have ever owned. These phones are best known from the recent commercial that...Read complete review

The LG Shine CU720 phone that works on the AT&T network is probably the best quality phone I have ever owned. These phones are best known from the recent commercial that shows that the screen of the "Shine" can be used as a mirror, which is 100% true. When the phone is not being used and the screen is black, either when its off or "sleeping" when the screen is off until you press a button, it is a perfect mirror and its very clear.

This phone is available in either red, black, or silver. Instead of being a flip phone or a variation of a flip phone, this phone is a slider and the front of it just slides up to reveal the keypad. When the slider is closed there is two buttons on either side of a joystick on the front of the phone.

The first thing I noticed when I originally received the phone, the first thing I noticed about the phone is how heavy it is compared to other phones I've had. It is made to really take abuse and is virtually indestructable. My phone just about got ran over by a car and all that was damaged was the back battery cover which became deformed. The phone still worked for months until I purchased a new one.

As far as features go, the best thing about this phone is that its camera was equipped with a bright flash. No place is too dark to get a good picture. One negative though is that the camera is super sensitive and what you are photographing needs to stay exceptionally still to be able to get a clear picture, otherwise the picture comes out blurry and sucks. Other available features on this phone include; call forwarding, voice recording including when actually having a phone call, video recorder, conference call capability, bluetooth capability, internal antenna, internet capable along with the ability to download ringtones, wallpaper, applications, and games, text and picture messaging capabilities, color display, calculator, calendar, and alarm clock.

I would definitely recommend this phone to anyone, especially parents whose kids get ahold of the phone because the amount of abuse this phone can withstand is amazing!


Most Liked Negative Review


LG shine, bad keyboard, middle button gets stuck.

         I received this phone as a gift. I loved it at first, because it was so much more technical and up-to-date than my last one. After...Read complete review

         I received this phone as a gift. I loved it at first, because it was so much more technical and up-to-date than my last one. After awhile the middle button gets stuck and continues scrolling without me even touching it. When typing a text message the over, back and send key are the same button. I can't even count how many times i wanted to move the curser over and it sent a msg in mid sentence.  The key pad is so small. I have small fingers and hands and I still hit numerous buttons at one time. A couple of times I would push the "messaging" button and it would take me to "shop ringtones" over and over again, and it would act up in several more different ways as well sparingly.When i finally got to the message inbox through all that mess iwould click to open the msg and it would call the person instead??  I never have dropped or gotten this phone wet or mistreated it in any way so it was very fustrating. The second day after i received the phone the screen went blank and i had to turn it off and on several times and take the battery out. That's pretty ridiculous for a 2 day old phone. I dont like the way the contacts are set up in this phone either. This specific feature may be well liked by many people but i can not stand it and im not used to it. When i first started saving contacts i plugged them in my phone and went about my business. Later on i wanted to send a text msg and their name did not pull up. & i couldnt remember their number! You have to save names a certain way on this phone. Im not sure what other phones out there are like this. You can save them to your phone but not see them in your contacts list...plug in the number (to call or send a msg) and their name pulls up?? Weird..  i know.. its fustrating and its making something very simple complicated and adding more steps & time Idk whos number i have and dont & if i have their number in there i cant pull it up. ....its pretty pointless even to put their number in there bc i have to manually type it in anyways on this SMALL keypad! If you save them a different way then..yeah ,,all is good but if your unknowing when you first get the phone and you save oh about 150 of whatever contacts youre lost. haha. it was such a pain!

This phone also has a few good features as well. It takes wonderful pictures. They are very crisp and clear. The zoom and flash are amazing. The screen is huge. Color and quality are also very good. The audio is great, and it has cellular video. Battery life is long.

I dont take many pictures and i dont like paying for ringtones so these features are not very useful to me. I'm a texting queen and for my job i talk on the phone quite a bit too. Which i dont have any dropped calls and ppl can hear me and i can hear them clearly.

When the phone is not acting up its is actually a good phone. I love the big screen and camera. If i actually paid for the phone I would be very upset that everytime I want to scroll through the menu or contacts the key sticks and keeps on scrolling as if the phone is posessed ha-ha.  I Probably will end up buying another phone (or using my old one again)  instead of sending this one in to get a new one. If the keys & screen are horrible on this one im sure they will be just as bad on another one. I just think AT&T (Cingular..whichever) have always had problems with the screen on their phones. Every phone i've had has a problem with them and ive had cingular for about 5-6 yrs. The screen going the main cause of me always buying a new phone. As for the keys..well i think its just this specific phone. I usually have Samsung phones and their keyboard is very big and long lasting.

over all the pros do not out-weigh cons and i would have to give this a bad review.

Reviewed by 91 customers

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pretty little phone


from Shady Spring, WV

Comments about LG Shine:

This phone is cute to look at. It has most functions anyone would need if you are into that, text, pics, cellular tv, music etc. It is a bit heavy for a cell phone, kind of clunky. It also has a touchy toggle. I would prefer a definate up/down button. this toggle is a pain.


This phone is a great simple phone.


from Jacksonville, FL

Comments about LG Shine:

My husband and I both had blackberry but I immedately went back to this phone. He moved on to an Iphone and I am still with this one. It is simple to use and doesn't have all the extra junk I don't need. I can easily call, text or take pics without any problems. Don't waste your money on a more expensive phone with all the extras unless you need them they just slow you down




from Brooklyn, NY

Comments about LG Shine:

The exterior of the phone is really attarctive, plus the phone has so many different functions its just incredibile. i love this phone to bits. the picture quality is excellent & the sound quality is excellent. it was a good choice of phone.


The LG Shine is an overall great phone for anyone!


from Austell, GA

Comments about LG Shine:

I have been using the LG Shine for about a year now, and I must say, it is a great phone. Right off the bat, it caught my eye with its glossy appearance, shiny screen, and blue-lit buttons. Call clearity is great, and the camera and other tools are very useful.


Having the phone as a student was a great way for me to stay in touch with family, but also helped out when i needed it elsewhere. The built-in camera is clear enough so that i can quickly take a picture of what's on the whitboard as i run from one class on my way to another. Not to mention the super-clear microphone is great for recording either short notes for yourself, or speeches to go back to later.


The available Micro SD slot is what made me keep this phone. I am able to keep plenty of photos and videos, along with my music, on the SD card, making the LG Shine sort of like an old-timey palm pilot.


The one major gripe that i have about this phone is the way the text messaging is set up. The inbox, outbox, draft, and sent folders all share the same small amount of space. It seems that even if you have an SD card in the phone, you are very limited on how many texts you can keep on the phone.


Overall, i LOVE this phone. Its no iPhone, but it gives me everything i need, plus the ability to play my MP3s.


dont buy this clunker


from New Haven, MO

Comments about LG Shine:

I am a daily tester and a daily cell phone user. I am also an ex mobile phone company employee. Usually i dont complain about some devices. just knowing that item was a free or discounted device means that something has to be bad about it.

Little did i know that because this thing jumps fom 3G to edge network so fast, i would never be able to get or keep a signal very long inside buildings, The software on this item is also sketchy at times. I sometimes get weird messages when dialing numbers. Errors that cant be explained by ATT's tech support group. or the store employees or any online reference source for that matter. I am totally dissatisfied with this unit. The problem is...most errors didnt start taking place until after the 15 day return policy. so i am stuck. and having a new one sent to my home doesnt help much. cause the new one will have the same service connectivity issues. Same phone, same software. I have been looking around and have seen where other users of this phone are as unsatisfied as i am with this device. I should have waited a little longer for a different model. or just spend a little more money on one.

This is not a good phone for daily texting or phone use. Its too much hassle with loss of connection.


Pretty but sucks


from Redlands, CA

Comments about LG Shine:

I was so excited to purchase my LG SHINE phone, mind you it was even before the commercials with LC. I loved the choice of colors and that I could put on lipgloss using the shiny surface of the face. I was very dissapointed though when my phone kept dropping calls when I showed full bars. Also my phone decides to turn off by itself, regardless of if I am on a call or waiting for one. It also doesn't give any warning before suddenly switching off. I happen to look and there it is, a blank screen. I am somewhat tech savy, not as up to date as my daughter, but I haven't really been able to figure out different ringtones for different callers either. Oh another big thing that drives me crazy is that when I am texting, there is a long pause between letters every once in awhile, so that when I am in a hurry I get all pissy because it takes to long to even text "OK see you then". The pics on this camera aren't that great either but hey it's a phone right??

It has been very good however with damage. My phone still looks pretty new and I have had it for over 2 years. It drives me nuts however when the little middle button hits against something in my purse because it keeps making noise until you locate it and move it so nothing touches it. I also have a hard time hearing it ring because the volume doesn't go high enough.


This phone lacks personality, yay, I have a mirror on my Shine.


from Joplin, MO

Comments about LG Shine:

This phone has a mirror, wow.  That is the only feature worth mentioning.  This phone has an automatic internet connection while closed.  You have to "lock" your phone to disable although closing your phone locks the keys, it will still turn the internet on.  Luckily the agents at AT&T don't charge you for the accidental internet use.

For games, you have to buy them, the demo is less than five minutes.  Usually a phone has a free game, not demos.  This phone is too expensive for the lack of quirks that can be free on much cheaper phones. 

The LG Shine is highly overrated.  I have to wait until my two year warranty is up to get another phone.  If I knew then what I know now I would have stuck to my old phone.  It may not have been "cool", but I had games, a camera and no accidental internet charges.  LG should be ashamed of themselves for overcharging for crap.

THank you for the opportunity to let you know what the phone is like.


LG Shine phone has lots of problems.


from Fort Smith, AR

Comments about LG Shine:

My LG Shine phone has not been what I expected.  There are several problems that I have experienced.  1. It does not get good reception.  It is hard to hear the person on the other end and they also have trouble hearing what I am saying.  It is very hard to talk into.  2.  The phone shuts off all the time.  It will shut off on it's own for no reason.  3. The key pad is not easy to use for texting. 

The LG Shine does have some good points.  1.  The camera does take good pictures.  2.  You can Bluetooth your pictures to others or a computer.  3.  The video capabilities are not bad.  4.  It does come in nice colors.  Mine is red.

Overall, I would not recommend this phone.  It is not user friendly and not a reliable phone if this is your only form of communication. 



LG ME970 - shine's like a 4 star cell phone made for what it is.


from Laredo, TX

Comments about LG Shine:

When i first get the LG Me 970 cell phone, i thought it was just a good looking mobile, but as today i can say that it's much more than a cell with a mirror.

The design it's modern, you can find the cell in silver or in pink. Both of them look really simple and clean, and when you open the cell, you will see a nice blue light that illuminates the numbers The scroll button in the middle help's you to move faster from the menus. The "keyboard" it's a little bit small, so if you have big hands you might have some troubles pushing the numbers that you want.

The reception of the cell phone it's perfect, and i had no trouble sending text messages neither. The 2 megapixels camera it's just enough for a cell phone, and since the screen it's large you will see clearly the picture target.

You can also access the web through your cell phone service provider, and this is very helpfull in emergencies. The cell has capacity for playing MP3's and you can add an internal SD micro card for more storage space.

I must say that this phone it's above average and it's perfect for somenone that it's looking a mobiel fot what's is inteded to: make calls!

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It's Flashy!!


from Duluth, GA

Comments about LG Shine:

Ever since I've been old enough to have a cellphone, I've always wanted the high-tech gadgets. My silver, LG Shine is great! The camera is amazing, the games are popular and chic, the ringtones are savvy, and it has so many cool features! (I don't pay for many of those features, but others have.)

It's a slider phone, and unlike the others it's pretty durable; When you open and close it, it doesn't wear out as fast as others have... It's heavy and solid in your hand, not flimsy plastic. However, the entire front of it is like a mirror and easily scratched, but like I said it's metal and tough!

You have to have a thumb for technology, as it features a small analog that is similar to the turn-style IPod, difficult for "technically challenged" adults, lol! 

I wouldn't recommend this phone to people who experience the dropsies, lol, the faceplate on mine is scratched and scuffed (not terribly), but enough for me to wish I had a cover for it!

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