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LG - Qualcomm 3g cdma Cell Phone

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The LG Qualcomm flip phone is a "Tuff" phone for the working


I have owed this phone for over two years and it gets a LOT of use, dropped, tossed, missed placed, used all over the USA and it still works as well as it did when 1st bought! LOVE IT! Easy to use, easy to carry and it matches my Mustang Convertable! What more can I say?

Yacolt, WA


the lg cellphone has enhanced my life, because it's dependable.


The lg cellphone is very dependable. It has been my favorite pphone for about four years now. I have had free upgrades and even tried one but I didn't like it. I returned it and keep the LG. The lg is easy to use, the phone numbers are large enough to see without having to squint. It was easy to enter and edit phone numbers and I like the idea of being able to enter mulitable phone numbers for the same person. You can even add their e-mail address, which in this day is a very important feature. The speakers work every well and I can understand the person I am speaking with without having to ask them to repeat themselves. I have used phone and I find it very annoying to always have to repeat yourself. I would definitely recommend this phone to anyone who is in the market especially any seniors who aren't completely comfortable with new devices.It is well within my budget and it can be charged inside the home or inside your car so you are never left with a dead battery on your phone.

Richmond, ME


LG - Qualcomm 3g cdma Cell Phone

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