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LG Mega Capacity TurboWash Washer w/ Steam Technology

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Excellent working with two engines with two washing machines I can wash two washings in one




Biggest WASTE of money. We bought this washer because of its glowing positive reviews and large capacity. Less than a year after purchasing it, it broke down giving an LE error message on every load. Two repairs later and it STILL does this! Now the warranty is expired and the repair cost is almost as much as the washer. Literally taking it to the dump and purchasing as top loading Whirlpool.

Tulsa, OK


Out of this world washer and mega-size too!


My husband and I chose this washer in the hopes that it can handle the numerous loads of laundry from the 6 people living in our home. And it can, in what seems like less time than it used to take us with a pretty large and fairly new washer in our former home! We also like the steam technology because with two kids and lots of favorite stuffed toys, I can get them clean without ruining their nighttime best friends. A nice bonus - at the end of every cycle, you hear a little song instead of that annoying loud sounding beep. And when you do laundry in the middle of the night, the sing-song tune is much better at keeping the kids asleep than the loud buzzing sound! Cleaning Time It doesn't take long and we load up the washer pretty much to its full capacity all the time. Since cleaning time is fairly quick and drying time is just as fast, what can't keep up is the folding of the clothes! Performance Clothes are always clean and fresh smelling. We haven't had any issues with the washer smelling damp and therefore, rubbing off on the clothes. We have washed numerous beach towels, king comforters, a ton of denim items from jeans to jackets and have not had any issues with the items getting ruined in the wash. Ease of Use My husband and I call it our techie washer and dryer combo from LG and yet my amazing and non-techie mom uses it all the time. She normally reads manuals on every appliance before using it and with this one, she was pushing buttons and doing laundry like she was a pro by the second day! Design We love the design b/c we are very contemporary and this just fits right in with everything else we have.



Put your Spacesuit helmet on and get washing!


Too easy. HUGE tub. Fun if you love clean laundry. Shhhhhh... quiet. Worth the expense...so far. Common sense people will LOVE!! But if you are into charts, measurements and statistics....you will be scratching your head. Energy Efficiency I've use it a month and I replaced one that was also energy efficient so my bill looks about the same so far. Cleaning Time The difference between the older machines and newer is that now you see the actual minutes displayed digitally so it just "seems" like it takes longer. Ha ha ha ha ha! Performance Seriously, my clothes are cleaner. The unit is very quiet and there are more than three choices to wash your clothes. To sanitize, to steam, to wash your dog--just checking to be sure you're paying attention. Ha ha ha ha ha! Ease of Use Again....It really takes out the decision of hot vs cold ...and puts it into> huge towel load or normal load reasoning. You basically look at the clothes and then turn the smooth dial with a quaint beep--hit the start button and wah-lah, the washer is going. AND if you're like me and you forgot a sock, you stop it wait a few seconds, the door is unlocked, and you throw the sock back in and restart and you're off. Design I'm a common sense person. I needed it to really clean my clothes, blankets and comforters sooooo ... Well, it is futuristic looking and it is behind closed doors. As long as it does what I bought it for then everything is all good on the design. Durability I stated very good for now but ask me in 5-10 years.



LG Mega Capacity TurboWash Washer w/ Steam Technology

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