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LG MA-780M Microwave Oven

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The GoldStar Microwave oven deserves a Gold Star.


I bought this microwave because it was fairly inexpensive and I was just moving into my first apartment.  I only expected it to last a couple years but that was over 10 years ago.  It still works great.  You can defrost things, like meat, poultry and fish.  You can cook things with the push of one button like popcorn or potatoes.  It's amazing how it knows how long to cook things for.  The glass plate that you set the food on removes easy for cleaning and is even dishwasher safe.  Sometimes my food does splatter but that is not the microwaves fault, just my own need to invest in a microwave warming cover.  Mine is white in color but i believe you can probably get different colors like black or silver too.  My favorite feature is the "Add 30 seconds" button.  It is most used by my five year old and myself.  She can easily grap a slice of pizza from the fridge, put it on a plate and into the microwave, push the "Add 30" button and she has pizza that is just the right temperature for her. Great investment.

Fort Wayne, IN


LG MA-780M Microwave Oven

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