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LG - Glance Cell Phone

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A great phone for everyday uses


This was the first phone that I ever had (I'm on my third now-- and first smartphone) I absolutely loved it, and it does everything that you could want from a standard phone. It provides quick and easy texting as well as calling. The size is definitely the greatest part of the phone, it allows it to be easily carried around in small pockets and is very easy to conceal. This is a definitely a great starter phone, or for anyone who wants a phone for especially those two main functions. Performance Quick and efficient Voice Quality Generally had no problems hearing the person I was talking to or having my voice heard. Battery Life I found that I could go a few days at a time without charging it -- Going off of using it for texting throughout the entire day-- at the beginning of its phone life. But around the one year mark it started to go down. By the end of the second year (when my contract was up) I was having to charge it at least once a day. Durability It remained strong over the duration of its use, even though I'm clumsy and dropped it multiple times. (And had it thrown two or three times) Ease of Use Simple and straightforward layout Design Sleek and all around good looking phone.



Reliable and useful phone for its price!


The LG Glance has been the perfect phone for me for the past year and a half. It is sleek and still carries some weight, so you don't feel like it's cheap and easy to break. The interface is clear and easy to use. Although this part isn't very important, I think that it's good to note that the phone itself looks pretty good. It is inexpensive compared to current smart phones and texting phones, but it looks like a fancy phone with its back covered being gold-plated. The phone functions are all very useful and easy to access (especially with shortcuts) especially the alarm clock, the calculator, camera, speakerphone, stop watch, calendar and info search. Even though this is not a smart phone, I use its functions to the fullest because they are great tools. I like simple phones for the reason that they are not too complex to use and make me feel less cluttered and overwhelmed. If this is the kind of life you like to lead (not cluttered and overwhelmed,) I would definitely go for this phone.

Chicago, IL


Small and sleek phone fits anywhere.


I have had my lg glance for about a year now. I really love how small the phone is and it seems to have held up to me dropping it a few times. The only thing I don't like about it is that it does not take videos and the camera does not have a flash. This causes the photos to be of poor quality. I love how small it is with the nice back covering on the phone to add a little something. I really love the phone overall. I know the screen may not be huge but I really like having a small phone to go with me everywhere. The buttons are not huge but they are about the same size of most phones that I have used. I really like the control in the middle of the phone that helps you scroll down. At first I thought this was a weird feature but once I started getting used to it I really liked the way it worked. It was easy to control my phone. The phone was a good price and you don't have to change your data package to get this phone.

Columbus, OH


It's just not the phone for me


So I got this phone with my family plan through Verizon Wireless.  I let my 14 year old son have the EnV Touch while I got the standard phone that was free.  No wonders it is free, it doesn't do much, nor is it anything to brag about.  I am already on my second phone and I have only had the service for 8 months now.  That is a little pathetic being that you really pay for everything if you think about it even the free phones. So what it does do is take pictures (they are not good), you can do texting (but the old school way, you have to touch every button 3/4 times per letter), is very slendor so it fits just about anywhere and it is small.  It is lightweight but it has almost no features to be excited about. This phone would be good for a kid or for someone that is not all into the technology in todays world.  That being said , I am technology hampered but I know what I want and I can learn anything.  I need a new phone, soon!

Covina, CA


My LG Glance is capable of having a slideshow of all of my pics


Before I received my LG Glance I was trying to decide on what type of phone to purchase. I gave myself two other choices. When I chose my LG Glance I realized that it is the coolest phone I have ever purchased. It has a camera on it. I am able to save those pictures and put them in a slideshow. I am also able to identify music that is playing on the radio. My LG Glance has awesome ringtones which is real music. I can set my alarm to it and I wake up to it. Another feature that I like about my LG Glance is the lock and unlock feature. My phone also has a calculator too! In addition to these features, my LG Glance has the capability of games and a navigator system. Of course, these items are extra but I think it is so neat to have these items available for when I decide to use them. All of my friends like my phone. I am glad that I purchased it. I am also glad that LG offers so many different styles that were easy to choose from.

Hazel, KY


LG - Glance Cell Phone

4.6 5