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Front Load Washers
LG Front Load Washer

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This LG Washer is incredible!


This washing machine holds three times as many clothes as my old top loader!  It has so many settings for different types of loads, that I will probably never be able to use them all.  On top of that, you can customize your settings.  It is so quiet, I have to go check to make sure it is still running.  My clothes have never come out of the wash smelling and feeling this clean.  If this washer could clean  house and cook, I would probably marry it. :)

Casper, WY


Good washer


This is a good washer however the instructions say that you can cram it full "as long as the door shuts" and the clothes will come out clean. This is not true as the clothes do not smell or look clean when you do this. However, you can fit alot, (I'm the mother of eight) in there and it does do a good job. Got an error message and had to service it because some socks and things had gotten into the mechanism. They frequently get stuck in the rubber seal on the inside and some had gotten in the machine. Fixed it in about half hour and runs great so far

Front Royal, VA


LG Front Load Washer

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