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French Door Refrigerators
LG French Door Refrigerator LFX28977ST


Love finding what you want, when you want it? You re in luck. Built with smart features like an overly-accommodating 13 inch tall ice- and water-dispenser, a space-maximizing interior with slide-out shelves, and a 4-compartment, humidity-controlled crisper it s no wonder why you d think this is more than just a refrigerator. It s something better. Stock-up and store everything you need. With a cavernous 28 cubic feet of space, this LG French Door refrigerator gives you ample space for all of your family s favorite foods and keeps them conveniently organized and within reach. One size fills all, from pitchers to pint glasses: finally a water dispenser that can accommodate just about all. The water- and ice-dispenser in this LG 4-Door refrigerator is one of the tallest around, measuring in at an ultra-accommodating 13 inches. Energy Star Rated. Stainless Steel Finish

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LG is the worst refrigerator on the market.


The unit only lasted 6 1/2 years. The compressor needs to be replaced. The LG warranty is 10 years but no labor cost is included. It's $450 to replace the compressor for just the labor. LG has many complaints on their units. Do yourself a favor and buy some other brand.

Gene - Missouri


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A beautiful refrigerator whose appearance indicates the elegance of women


Great for large families and parties


If you have the space for this unit it is definitely a great investment. It is larger and bulkier than most refrigerators, yet it holds large amounts of food in both the refrigerator area as well as the deep freezer. Extremely convenient when having large amounts of people over and you need a place for a whole birthday cake, for any large family, or those that like to cook. Several storage areas for different types of produce keep each area of food at the correct temperature. It beeps when the doors are left open on accident which is a nice feature. The button panel is easy to use and understand. The only problem is that the button for the water is a little confusing and guests tend to place the glass under the ice dispenser instead creating water to spill. Noise Level Hardly noticeable. Interior Organization The shelves can be adjusted and moved easily and make it convenient for awkward sized items.



LG French Door Refrigerator


The LG LFX28977ST French Door Refrigerator is great. It is so spacious inside both the fridge area and the freezer. The in door ice maker is so nice because there is not valuable shelf space in the fridge or freezer that is wasted by the ice maker. The only negative I have for the ice maker is that the ice cubes are quite small, but that does not really matter much. My husband actually likes it more because the ice fits better in his glass. The fridge is super quite, the only time I ever hear any noise is when it dumps out a fresh tray of ice. The drawers all slide very smooth. There are shelves on the doors on both sides. The front water dispenser has a slide out tray so that you can set down larger containers like pitchers while filling them. The alarm feature is easily turned off and on, which is nice for when you have the fridge open for longer periods of time, like for putting in groceries. The front doors are not magnetic, so if you want to hang pictures and such, magnets will not work on the front, only on the sides. The stainless steel does show finger prints, but is very easily cleaned. Noise Level very quiet Interior Organization Two veggie/fruit drawers and one larger meat drawer. Adjustable shelves.



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This thing is awesome for our family! Noise Level can't hear it! is it on? Interior Organization has a spot for everything! from eggs to juice to eyebag gelpacks! can fit all the grocery items and the trip to costco! Temperature Control no complaints and no freezer burns either. Ease of Cleaning just take out the spill or stain by removing any of the removable parts and there you are, clean as a whistle! Design a lot of things French are sooooo wonderful! including this style of door.

Lincoln, CA


LG French Door Refrigerator LFX28977ST

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