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LG Freestanding Electric Range

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Love this range!


I love this range! My old range was 27 years old. We just bought this range it is amazing! I love the convection i don't have to add more cook time and nothing has burned yet. The glass top burners are very hot good (my old ones were not), evenly cooks everything, and the glass top is super easy to clean! One thing that I learned with the convection is the temp will always max out at 25 degrees lower than what you set for. I called LG because I thought that my oven was broken. It setsthe 25 degrees less because of the fan it is hot in the oven and it reachs a true 25 degrees hotter thanit is set. The an blows the heat around so that even thing is evenly baked. Not only does stuff not burn but it cooks in less time. My stuff is always done in the time that the package says. Where as before the cook time was just a jummping and I was always adding more time on. This range is so worth the money!

New Port Richey, FL


LG Freestanding Electric Range

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