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Front Load Washers
LG F1402FDS Front Load Washer

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Great washer


We've had this washer for about 5 years. We had a traditional top loader prior to owning this machine and felt this was a tremendous upgrade! We bought the washer and dryer as a set. The washer wrings the water out so well that the dryer is usually done half as quickly as the washer - no more waiting for clothes to dry! The machine has several different wash load available. With our family of 5, the majority of our washing is done on the basic setting. I have found the sanitary cycle to be extremely useful for the occasional bedwetting by our preschooler or just cleaning bedding and towels extra well when germs are in the house. Some of the big complaints with front loaders is the smell. I really think much of the time it's a user-error. There are steps that need to be maintained to keep your machine smelling nice. I have found using less soap is a main key to keeping the soap residue down. Also it's very important to leave the door open after a wash to let the inside dry out. It took me 2 years to figure out there is a small filter in the bottom that needs to periodically be cleaned out. And lastly run a very hot load every once in a while with vinegar to clean out that soap residue. I even use borax in with my towels to keep my towels smelling clean which also keeps my machine smelling nice. I would buy this machine all over again if I had to! Energy Efficiency Much less time spent on drying clothes because this washer gets so much of the water out of the clothes. Cleaning Time Takes a little longer than a top loader but since it's using less water and less soap I feel it's still a savings. Performance Never had a problem with it! Ease of Use Easy to push the clothes in and press the button. Design Looks sleek and shiny. Durability Owned for 5 years with no problems.



LG F1402FDS Front Load Washer

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