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Front Load Washers
LG Compact Front Load Washer


LG WM1355HW Washers - 24" Compact Front Load Washer - As a leader in smart technology and stylish design, LG introduces a new 24" compact washer. Perfect for apartments, condos or small spaces.

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Love this machine!


I have used this LG washing machine at a theatre company I worked at and we love it! Working in the theatre, we do multiple loads of laundry every single day to keep costumes clean, so the machine we use HAS to be reliable, clean away sweat, odor, makeup, bodily fluids, etc. really well, and yet still be gentle so as to keep our costumes in great condition - not shrink, fade, discolor, stretch, or do anything to change the look or texture of them. And because we use the machine so often, it's great that it's energy and water efficient! This washing machine is wonderful because it offers so many cleaning options! I love that its a front loader, which is just easier to deal with all around, plus I can see what's swishing around in there. I also like where the detergent drawer is located (convenient to access and easy to measure out detergent into), and all it takes is a few pushes of a few buttons and the turn of a dial to set up each wash cycle EXACTLY the way we need it in terms of temperature, soil level, spin speed, etc. I've found that this machine thoroughly cleans everything we put into it, gently and well. It can accommodate a high capacity of clothing, sheets, towels, etc. - which is really handy because sometimes the loads we do are huge, and other time there are only a few things that need to be washed, but regardless, it always gets the job done well. I wouldn't say this is the fastest washing machine out there (front-loaders usually aren't), so you have to be prepared and know that it will take you longer to do a wash load that you might normally be used to, but the fact that the washer is so easy to use, offers so many options, cleans everything so well, and can stand up to the number of loads that it does, makes this machine worth owning.



LG Compact Front Load Washer

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