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LG 55" LED 3D TV

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Great TV


I've bought at least three LG televisions in my life, and they all shared a similar problem: a panel that was not uniform. Whenever it was on a black screen (e.g. setup screen, dark scene), you'd see light escaping either at the edges of the screen which many have called light bleed. I have also run into clouding quite often (look on YouTube for an example) as well where it looks like flashlights are behind the TV when watching a dark scene. However, after buying this model, I had a pretty uniform panel. Why do I keep buying LG's if I keep getting bad ones? They're cheap! Since Samsung and Sony pretty much own the higher end of the market, I know eventually I'll get a decent one and I think I got a great with with the LM4700. Like most flat screen TV's these days, the sound is pretty bad, so I recommend getting a sound bar or sound system that will enhance the sound. I was able to find a bundle with a sound bar and blu ray player included. This is a passive 3D TV which I actually like more because I feel it's less stressful to my eyes. Sure I don't get a higher resolution but I get to wear lighter 3D glasses (like the ones in movie theaters) and I don't get overwhelmed / headaches. The 2D to 3D functionality is not that great in my opinion as there is not much depth. If you're looking for just 3D, good 2D, and not many features, I recommend this TV.

Sugar Land, TX


LG 55" LED 3D TV

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