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LG - 47 in. HDTV-Ready LED TV

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pretty good tv


My brother in law owns an Lg 47le5400 47inch HDTV ready led TV.  He has had it for four years.  The picture and sound are great. He has not had any problems with this television. He is usually watching it when we visit. I like this televisions and might consider purchasing one in the future.

Roanoke, VA


LG 47 in. LED TV--Ultra thin, Ultra versatile--Great buy!


We recently bought this TV for that long awaited flat screen update that we must all go through.  We chose the LED back-lit technology for its superior performance, color, and low energy costs.  This TV is seriously like an inch an a half thick.  We love how light it is, and how it comes on a swivel base.  In addition, we immediately hooked it up to the internet via a lan connection and was able to instantly stream youtube and netflix right to our TV.  We also love how there is a USB port on the TV so we can plug pictures and movies directly into the TV.  Given the current trend towards digital media (ie .mov, .avi etc type files) we use, and think we'll use much in the future, the USB connectability.  In addition, we really like plugging in our digital camera into the TV so we can enjoy pictures without having to be huddled around the computer.  The picture is wonderful and the color exquisite.  We'd definitely recommend it to friends or enemies. 

Atlanta, GA


Wow, outstanding quality in clearity of picture and sound.


I am always suprise with high quality that LG TV's have, the picture is always cystal clear and amuzing sound.  I would recommend this to my friends and family members.  You get your money worths when you buy LG Products.

Hopkinsville, KY


LG - 47 in. HDTV-Ready LED TV

4.3 3