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Lexmark Z810 Printer

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Good printer, hard to troubleshoot.


We have had this printer for at least 4 years now and it is still working pretty good so I am definitely impressed with how long it has lasted. The ink cartridges are semi easy to find but they NEVER go on sale. I started using a generic brand that was cheaper, but it runs out faster, so I'm not sure it's worth not just buying the name brand ink. We got think printer as a deal with buying a new computer, so it was basically free, but even if we had paid for it, I would recommend this printer to anyone who needs a very basic reliable printer. What I do not like about it is that it is really hard to trouble shoot when something goes wrong. It is also a very noisy printer especially when the paper isn't fed just exactly right into the slot. Recently our printer has been leaving out lines of print and I don't know if that is due to the age or a fixible problem because the software is so hard to diagnose something.

Franktown, CO


Easy to use, color printer and very clear for photos


When I buy the Lexmark printer comes with FujiFilm Digital Camera FinePix A120. I like the Lexmark Z810 printer, because so easy to use on the printer and replacement a new inks. Prints a very good and very clear in black & white and colors. They print a color photo too, very clear and sharp; does take a lot of ink. The inks are not very cheap. I noticed the Lexmark printer Z810 and FujiFilm Digital Camera FinePix A120 are no longer in the market.

Largo, FL


printer that keps it simple!


I love the lexmark z810 printer.  It has 2 buttons on it which could not make it simpler for using.  One button is a power button and the other is a button that blinks when a problem occurs.  If a problem occurs step by step instructions come up on the computer screen and once you have completed the steps you click on the blinking button on the computer to let it know the problem has been fixed and resume printing.  The printer is fairly inexpensive compared to other basic at home printers.  It does not have copying or scanning capabilties.  The product is great and the printer has many options for printing like black & white, color, sharpened color, red eye, gray scale and economical printing.  The economical function can be too light to see images on a page but it is perfect for saving ink o docments.  I have only had the printer jam once but I do need to make sure that the paper is fanned out well before I start the printer.

Travelers Rest, SC


Lexmark Z810 Printer

4.7 3