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Lexmark Z715 InkJet Printer

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The only reason I have it is because it came with my computer.


The Lexmark Z715 is not the worst printer that I have ever used.  However, it definately is not the best.  I have to stand by it while it prints to make sure that every page goes through correctly.  Every other page gets stuck in the printer and I have to re-feed it.  I have decided that it is easier to go to a computer lab or a print shop if I ever need to print a lot of pages rather than babysit my printer for an hour. It does fit conveniently on my desk, so I enjoy that I still have room to work, even though I would sacrifice a little space for a few more features.  All this printer does is print (not very quickly).  There is no fax option, no scanning option, no digital screen, nothing more than a power button and a re-load button.  It is a good printer if all you want is something cheap that you won't use a lot.  However, for a college student who needs to print everyday, I would prefer something a little better.

Omaha, NE


Budget Printer for Basic Household Printing


The Lexmark Z715 is an inexpensive and older printer that is quite capable of handling miscellaneous household printing jobs. It is able to print in black and white as well as color. It does have a tendancy to wear out easily and quickly with regular use. My Z715 creaks when printing as if the belt is going out. I do like that the printer is very easy to use and simple for beginners, while also having a few features useful for pro's. When clicking to print, the user can change to options such as poster or banner or normal print. The Z715 seems a bit slow when printing color images, and the results are far from photo quality, however for basic household use and creating the occasional flyer or birthday car it suits it's purpose. This printer is not suggested for printing high quality images.

Franklin, PA


the lexmark Z715 is a good printer.


The lexmark Z715 printer has some pros and cons. That the printer is sometimes slow at printing. It has features to tell that you are out of paper and low on color or black ink. the printer also has a photo center so you can edit a photo. You can also use the printer to print photos but you have to purchase a special kind of photo paper.

Richton Park, IL


Lexmark Z715- great printer for simple jobs


I recently started using printer I had packed away in the garage after a move from several states away. When I took out the Lexmark Z715 printer out of the box, I was a little sceptical to use it again, as it isn't the newest or most modern printer out there. Much to my surprise, the printer software was very easy to download, and it only took me a few minutes to remember how to hook it up to our computer.  My kids always seem to have a paper due for school that needs to be printed at midnight the night before it is due. The Lexmark Z715 does a great job with this! The printing is clear and concise, and is never difficult to read. It not only prints in black, but in color as well. I have never had a problem with this printer jamming, and am very impressed at how quiet it really is. For the very good buy that the printer was at the time we bought it, I am always glad to use technology that is simple!

Clayton, NC


Lexmark Z715 InkJet Printer

3.3 4