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Lexmark Z611 InkJet Photo Printer

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Good starter printer lexmark z611


Small printer that is easy to install and hook up. Basically plug itinto your usb in the back of the computer. Easy paper load. Ink cartridges seem to run out really quickly, though. Quality of print job is good. Black comes out nice. Testing printer before first print and with each new cartridge, uses alot of ink. Five lines of ink to line up before it is set to your computer and aligned. Printer is compact, does not make alot of noise and is easy to load with ink cartridges. No paper jams since i got it and it is over five years old. Easy to clean, as there is no timy intricate details on the outside shell. Just one power button, that is easy to press. Doesn't do a laser printer's job, but for basic household functions, some work reports and homework projects this printer is worth the money. Was inexpensive, and ink seems to be an average price.

Wading River, NY


Basic Printer


I purchaed this Lexmark Z611 InkJet Photo Printer at the local office supply store a few months ago, hoping to get a basic printer and that is excatly what it is. Nothing fancy, no bells or whisltles with this Lexmark Printer. The printer would be a good for a first time user, just to get the hang of using a printer, but I am afraid that it would need to be updated if they decided to use it more. I have found out that it does go thru large amounts of ink cartiages in a short period of time. Over the last two months, I have to purchase three cartiages, and the refills are quite costly. This printer would not be good or advised for someone who does an extreme amount of printing documents or printing photographs.

Effingham, IL


Good for a starter


This printer is good for a first owned printer. The color is good. I found that it uses a large amount of ink, which is very expensive to purchase. I found that in an average month I would use about 2 cartridges of black ink. The color would last longer but tended to dry out if not used in a couple of months. For someone that does a lot of printing this is a very expensive printer to maintain. If not used often the ink tends to dry up. The pictures that I printed from this printer were awesome. The color is clean and crisp. I would buy another one of these for a child to use for homework. I have owned this printer for 5 years and have not had any machanical problems with it. The software provided with the printer is very easy to understand and performs a variety of maintenance functions. From cleaning the cartridges to aligning the print. I would recommend this printer. It is good and gives quality print, pictures and construction.

Rocky Hill, CT


Lexmark Z611 InkJet Photo Printer

3.7 3