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Kyocera K323
Kyocera - K323 Cell Phone

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Simple to use, great reception, plenty of bells and whistles!


This phone has really been a pleasant surprise to me. I usually only use Motorola phones. This phone has plenty of features to make anyone happy. I love that it has multiple alarms and reminders. On a normal day, I set at least 7 reminders, not counting the items I add everyday to my calendar. This phone has great battery life too. The only negative comment I have is about the speaker volume. When I have it on speakerphone mode, the speaker isn't very loud.

Radcliff, KY


I love my kyocera cell phone!


I have had the same Kyocero cell phone for three years now. It has been dropped a few times and still has no major damages, just a few scratches. I have not had any problems with any functions of the phone itself. I like that it has a camera on it. It may not take video pictures, but I can deal with that. I just like having a camera on my phone period. I text with it all the time. I like the fact that it has a voice recorder. This particular phone can use the voice recorder to record songs and make them into ringtones! The clarity of the ringtones made depends on how close or far away the phone is from the speaker of your radio or stereo when recording the song to the voice recorder. I have made several of my favorite songs into ringtones using this method. I also like the fact that it is a flip phone so that the screen is protected when it's closed. If an earphone piece is plugged into the earphone jack, the phone can be closed while you are on a phone call so that the screen is protected.

Omaha, NE


Excellent Choice


I have had three Kyocera cell phones and I have to say it is the best equipment. Its sound is very clear, it is very sturdy and works perfect. This style (K323) in particular is a little bit thicker than those very popular because they are thinner but that has not made a difference to me since the Kyocer K323 is small and I can easily carry it in my purse. It has been an excellent choice.

Carolina, PR


Very easy to use with just the right amount of extras


The Kyocera K323P is a very easy phone to use for even the most technically challenged.  The only problem I have with it is the camera.  It does not always work for me and the picture quality is not great.  Overall I love this phone.

Goshen, NY


Kyocera - K323 Cell Phone

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