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G2GO M2000
Kyocera - Cell Phone

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You get what you pay for


The Kyocera G2GO M2000 is a below-average quality phone. It has a cheap plastic case, that is a unnecessarily bulky. The camera is what you'd expect from a cell phone camera. The buttons don't seem to be very high quality, and are somewhat hard to press. The screen has a fairly low DPI. The operating system is absolutely awful. For example, when checking your inbox of text messages, it loads the information about all 100 texts all at once, and takes a few seconds to load. In addition, the layout is not very visually appealing. The full keyboard is great, however it seems pretty standard for most phones nowadays. The slide-out keyboard works well. Besides this, the phone does all of the standard things a phone should do. It recieves calls, has an headset option, as well as bluetooth support (haven't tried it so i can't comment on it) and a microSD port. It has a music feature that requires a microSD card, that i haven't tried. Overall, and fairly average phone. Better than a flip up phone, but worse than any other phone.

Creighton, MO


G2Go M2000 is a great phone but revol is not


The phone is cool, but when you get it through revol it just is not the right place to get a phone they recycle numbers and when you get your number you would want it to be in your name, but since they recycle numbers the cller ID comes up with sombody elses name. This is the phone that I have and the phone itself is great I love this phone it has many features that I enjoy, I can surf the net, I can send pictures to my email at no cost I have a map quest system on my phone so if I am not at home I can use my phone and get to where I need to be without any hassle. I has an MP3 player on it where you can download music and listen to what you want and put on your phone. its not to big and its not to little and the sounds are great coming out of it and just the speakers itself is lound and you will not miss a call becase the sound quality is great. So this phoen is put at great use and I like it.

Indianapolis, IN


Kyocera - Cell Phone

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