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Kuhn Rikon
Kuhn Rikon Auto Safety Master Opener

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Worked ok for a short time


I really liked this can opener once I figured out how to work it. It is not the easiest to figure out. I like how the edges of the can, once cut are not sharp and therefore will not cut skin. I did not have this can opener very long before I realized that in order to cut the can enough to get the lid off, I had to go around the can 2 times. Even doing that it was not always cut through and might need another time around. This got frustrating really fast. I will not buy this can opener again. I open a lot of cans in a week and I need a can opener that is quick and works consistently. This can opener has not been reliable. I am very disappointed!!! I love my Kuhn Rikon knives so I thought the Kuhn Rikon Can opener would work as well but that has NOT been so. Ease of Cleaning This can opener is very easy to clean. Durability This can opener has not held up well at all. It is not durable. Design Since it no longer works and didn't work for very long I give it a poor for design.



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I really love this can opener. In the last several years I have not been able to find a can opener that lasts over 6 months so I am hoping this will be the one finally. I love that it has multi functions and appreciate the bright colors. Durability This is mostly plastic with limited metal so I am hoping it will help prevent rusting.

Chana, IL


Kuhn Rikon Auto Safety Master Opener

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