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Krups Dolce Gusto Single-Cup Coffee and Espresso Machine

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This coffee maker is decent


The Dolce Gusto KP 1006 Espresso Machine & Coffee Maker I found to be decent.  I do like the coffee, but the lack of instructions is what turns me off.  I know, it should be pretty self explanitory--put the pod in, add water, let it go.  But some coffees/espressos/whatever they may be--require more than one pod.  I never know which pod to use first, how much to use--obviously when it runs out it's too late--but it does not say to alternate the two so the coffee drink will be blended.  I always have to stir it with a spoon.  One more thing is the sound.  It is kind of like a quieter version of a mixer to be honest.  It has a humming sound, which stops when you're not using it obviously, but it kind of annoys me.  The pros--it is small, easy to move around in my limited kitchen.  It makes one cup at a time and there are no dishes to clean up/no filters, no coffee to measure out.  I think it would be ideal for a single person or maybe the elderly, actually.  Regardless, I cannot complain, it does what it is supposed to and I am satisfied. 

Plainwell, MI


Dolce Gusto perfect for a single person household


After researching single-serve coffee makers, I finally decided on the Nescafe Dolce Gusto by Krups.  It was the perfect size to fit in my small kitchen, and wasn't as pricey as other machines.  Plus, it made other drinks, like lattes and cappuccino, instead of just coffee and tea.  It did s it promised - and the coffee was decent, for coming out of a pod.  I liked the flavor variety (and that they are coming out with more flavors) and the milk that was made from the pods was suprisingly creamy.  I also liked the option to make cold drinks, including iced tea, which is an option many other machines don't have.  My only issues were that for the size of cup I usually drink, I needed to double up on the pods, which became a little pricey.  Also, unlike some other machines, the Dolce Gusto doesn't have preset drink sizes - which makes it easier to adjust the strength of the coffee to your liking, but until you get used to the controls, also makes it easier to end up with watered down coffee.  All in all, a good little machine, and after a little bit of a learning curve, very quick and easy in the mornings to make a variety of drinks.

Milwaukee, WI


fun for coffee-based beverages, but overall poor performance


I use a Keurig at home and at the office, so I was SUPER excited when I received this new coffee maker.  The Keurigs only brew straight up coffee or tea, and the Dolce Gusto coffee maker can do all kinds of drinks, like lattes and cappucinos complete with foam!  So, I opened this and cranked it up.  It started up quick (faster than the Keurig I think) and brewed fast.  But the cons I noticed are: for the "fancier" beverages you need to brew two pods separately.  Second, it was REALLY noisy and the mug/drip tray rattled a lot.  Third, as the coffee or beverage brewed it splattered into the mug and onto the surroundings leaving a mess.  And finally I, personally, did not like how different types of pods are meant to be brewed into different amounts of liquid but the machine leaves it up to the user to judge when to turn it off.  Overall, if you are just looking for a straight up excellent cup of coffee I recommend a different single cup brewer.

Vernon Hills, IL


What an outstanding coffee maker Dolce Gusto KP 1006


I'm a single mom who lives in a smaller apartment, meaning a very tiny kitchen, and I LOVE coffee.  This compact size machine shouldn't be judged on it's size alone, for this powerful machine means business when brewing some java.  The ease of use is fantastic.  Press the button on the side until it glows green, make sure you have plenty of water in the reservior, pop in your favorite type of coffee, and (this is the good part) you determine the strength of the beverage your are brewing.  Simply by sliding the bar on the top you can brew a strong hot drink or even a mild cold drink.  The choice is yours!   The capsules of choices are broad from esppresso, cappicinos, coffees, and teas.  Any coffee drinker would be proud of the selection to choice from.  The coffee machine is easy to brew, easy to clean up, and easy to store.  It accommodiates different sizes of mugs or glasses.  Comes in two colors, red or black and will make a nice addition to your kitchen counter.  Try it, you won't be sorry!

Knoxville, TN


This Dolce Gusto machine makes a great cup of coffee.


I live alone in a small apartment.  While I love coffee and other hot beverages, a regular coffee pot made too much for me, and wasn't versatile enough.  I started researching single serve machines.  There are a lot of choices available now, but it seemed like most of them were too expensive, too large for my small apartment kitchen, too complicated, or not versatile enough.  Then I found this little Dolce Gusto.  A friend of mine has had a Krups espresso machine for years, and she loves it. It is well made and works wonderfully, so I trusted the brand.  The machine is small and compact, but very cute.  It has a nice modern shape to it, rounded edges, and several nice colors to choose from. The colors I saw were platinum, red, and black.  I went with the red one to add some color to my kitchen. I am very happy with this purchase! The price was right, there are several varieties of capsules to use, and the controls are very easy to understand. More importantly, it makes a great cup!  The coffee is strong, but not too strong. The latte drinks turn out great with the milk capsules.  The flavored varieties are delicious.  My one wish is that they would come out with a reusable capsule that I could fill with my own coffee.  I love the capsules available, but I do miss some of my favorite coffees, especially my beloved Highlander Grog.  I will be buying a small drip machine so I can still have these coffees, but I do wish I didn't have to waste the space. I know at least two of the competitors offer reusable pods.  I recommend this machine to anyone on a budget looking for a good single serving machine!

Wabash, IN


A small Dolce Gusto, BIG coffee taste!


I got this, in the black color, for a Christmas gift from my husband.  I had thought that he might have gotten me the Senseo, because I had tried that before, but he said that he saw this one and  thought that I would like it better, since it does a little more than the Senseo.  I tried it out and boy, he was right! This little machine makes a great cup of coffee, among other drinks.  It can also make latte's, cappicino's, hot or cold, a cold peach tea, hot chocolate, etc.  The coffee they offer is really a bold flavor and I enjoy a cup every morning.  The machine itself is very easy to use. You just fill up the tank with fresh cold water, which holds about 2-2 1/2 cups, then add a capsule of your choice, and that's it!  So simple.  I love the froth it leaves on the top of the coffee.  It is kind of loud while it is making a cup but it's not so bad that it's not worth buying.  The capsules of coffee are a little on the high side, but again, if you only drink about 1-2 cups per day, it's not that bad.  I have really enjoyed my Christmas gift and if you are on the fence about buying one, I say go for it!  You will not be disappointed!!

Savannah, TN


Krups Dolce Gusto Single-Cup Coffee and Espresso Machine

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