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Krups Crystal Aroma Plus 10-Cup Coffee Maker

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Krups coffee maker is the bomb


I love coffee, and I love waking up to coffee.  This coffee maker, with the automatic timer, allows me to do this.  I love that it has a filtration system included, so I know that the best, quality water is being used to make the coffee.  Even if I don't use the automatic coffee timer, making coffee is really easy.  Just turn from "off" to "on".  Its great to use for just a small cup of coffee or to prepare coffee for lots of guests, the 10-cup caraffe is large and very stylish.  I get lots of compliments on the style of this coffee maker.  It has a clock and also the timer, which are both very easy to set.  The cons on this coffee maker would be that having to change the filtration system can sometimes get expensive, if you use it a lot. I have had this coffee maker for around 7 years, we got it as a wedding gift, and it has outperformed itself.  Coffee every morning for 7 years is a good record.  I thoroughly recommend this appliance.

Oceano, CA


Krups Crystal Aroma Plus 10-Cup Coffee Maker

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