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Krups Caffe Duomo 985-42 Espresso Machine & Coffee Maker

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This thing makes neither coffee nor espresso well. It sort of half-asses them both. The espresso comes out watery, there's no automatic shutoff when you've made a double shot, and the steam wand gets clogged all the time. The drip coffee maker part is really small, and the coffee there comes out watery, too. All in all a piece of crap. Brew Performance Espresso comes out watery. No automatic stop when a double shot has been brewed. No head on the espresso shot, so there's no way to pull a ristretto. Ease of Cleaning About the same as any other coffee maker or espresso machine. Not fun but not impossible, either. Ease of Use About the same as any other coffee maker or espresso machine. Design It should make drip coffee and espresso, but it can't make either one properly. Durability I've already had it repaired twice. The tube that connects the water resevoir to the rest of the machine was busted when I got it. Later there was a leak at the back of the resevoir. Not fun. Terrible fire and electrocution hazard.



Krups II Caffe Duomo Espresso Machine and Coffee Maker


This was very expensive when I bought it ten years ago as a gift for my boyfriend, but it has been a real work horse and has made coffee every single day with no problem. The espresso side works equally well, we just don't use it very often. Frother works well. Brew Performance It might be just a tad slow, but I've only had experience with this one brand. Ease of Cleaning Most parts are removable for easy cleaning. Ease of Use It is literally a pour and go model. Very easy to use. Design The design is fine. I can't think of anything that I would change. Durability Excellent. We have been using our model for over ten years and it might work another ten. Going strong.

Barboursville, VA




We replaced a simple, cheap coffee pot with this multitasker. It makes decent coffee, but I have never used any of the other features. I love that it keeps coffee at the perfect warm tempature. It is never too hot or too cold, even when it has been sitting for a long period of time. The negative to this coffee pot is that it does not have a preset timer. For someone who gets up early, this is a necessary feature that is missing. It also takes up a lot of counter space. It looks small in the picture, but it is approximately one and haf cubic feet in size. I have one small counter dedicated to the coffee pot because nothing else fits next to it. Ease of Cleaning It is awkward to clean all of the parts, especially the two separate water vats.



Krups Caffe Duomo 985-42 Espresso Machine & Coffee Maker

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