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Kraft South Beach Diet  Wrap Sandwich Kits

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quick, appetizing lunch solutions, for home or on-the-go,


I love these wraps! They are quick and easy. Since I am always on the go, and on a budget these wraps fit perfectly into my life. I even have most of my friends eating them too. They come with two wheat wraps and your choice of chicken ham or turkey and different 'dressings' and a jello. Sometimes I will even bring a small salad if I want to eat it for dinner.

Baton Rouge, LA


Hard Shells


I did not enjoy these south beach diet wrap. I tried them because I got a coupon offline so they were pretty much free. They are very small. Not enough for a lunch. You get a couple shells, a little meat, a packet of shreeded fat free cheeze and a small packet of mayo. It also had teh smallest cup of sugar free jello I have ever seen. The shells that were about five inches in diamenter were hard as a rock. The tiny packet of cheese was not bad and it was convienetyly in a little tear open pack. I would like these to pack in my lunch to put on a salad they were a good amount for that but I didn't like it in the wrap. I think lettce when I have a wrap. WHen i put my meet in tehm and went to roll it up they crumbled. the taste was also not of good quality. The jello had little taste as well. i would not recommened these to anyone. Only buy if you are on teh starve yourself with very little food and absolutely no taste diet.

Plainfield, IL


Yummy and quick!


I picked up a couple of these for dh and I to have when we met our little for lunch at school.  I was suprised at the quality of ingredients included in the kit.  The kit was also conveniently packaged and the wraps were easy to assemble.  They tasted great.

Spring Hill, TN


Great tasting and good for you lunch


I love these and all South Beach products. I'm not on the south beach diet, but these work well into calorie counting etc. Very high in protein and fiber, low in calories and taste great!  Complete meal with jello for dessert.  My favorite is the Chicken Caesar.

Glencoe, MN


These are good! I was surprised to like a diet food this much.


These are a good healthy snack or lunch alternative.  I tried one that a friend had and loved it so much I went out and bought some the next day.  They are great for lunch and low on calories.  Very good flavor and variety.

Benton, AR


When you need something quick, easy & healthy, these are perfect


I have discovered the South Beach Diet wraps and I love them!  I bring them with me to work a few times a week for lunch.  I am all about quick and easy and healthy, which can be hard to find sometimes.  These actually taste good and they couldn't be easier or quicker!  My only complaint is that I need veggies and these wraps don't really have any veggies, besides the Southwestern Wrap which has salsa.  But you can always buy your own salad mix to use in conjunction with the wraps and voila!  You have a complete, well rounded, quick, easy and healthy meal!

Kaneohe, HI


Kraft South Beach Diet Wrap Sandwich Kits

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