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Kolcraft Choo-Choo Trainer All Aboard Potty Seat

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Good potty seat.


I purchased this seat for my first son before he was actually potty training, knowing he liked trains.  It's a very nice seat.  It has a button to push down to make choo choo sounds and say phrases.  There's even an option for Spanish.  It comes with a sticker chart and stickers (although that didn't work for my son).  The seat has a removeable top that fits into the adult potty.  The deflector is a nice size and usually does a pretty good job at keeping the pee-pee where it should be.  It also converts to a step stool once the potty is no longer needed.  And the top piece for the stool stores nicely underneath the potty and you don't even know it's there.  The two things I didn't really like about it:  When you are using as a step stool, you have to store the top seat somewhere.  Not a big deal, but one more thing I have to store.  Also, it's very difficult for my kids to move the stool anwhere because they grab it from the top and the top part doesn't snap into the bottom part in any way, so the bottom just falls down and it comes apart and they have a hard time getting it back on.  A little frustrating.  We no longer use the potty itself, but still use the insert for the adult potty when going #2.

Sheffield Lake, OH


Kolcraft Choo-Choo Trainer All Aboard Potty Seat

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