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Kodak - easy share m1073 IS Digital Camera

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The Easy Share is a Snappy Little Camera


After I dropped my last camera in the lake, I was looking for an affordable and easy to use replacement.  I tried out a number of options before I finally settled on the Kodak Easy-Share m1073 IS digital camera. I love taking pictures of the kids and the dogs and all of the activities that they are competing in, so I needed a camera that I could use without having to fuss with a lot of buttons.  It was an added bonus to find a camera that would allow me to easily upload my photos to a photo sharing site.  So the Kodak Easy-Share m1073 is a great fit for our family.  Its small size lets me take it anywhere, and its easy use lets me take pictures on the fly.  It has a nice large screen to help me figure out what I am taking pictures of, and with an extra memory card, I can even do quick videos!  The only drawback I have had is trouble taking good pictures in low light - which can sometimes include being in a gym.  There are enough settings on the camera to overcome this issue, but it does make it less than perfect.  

Minneapolis, MN


Kodak easy share not that easy to share!


**I have heard so many things on this product, I just had to go out and get it myself. Like always. But enough about me and my room full of "internet made me do it's", lets talk about this foundation. I was really looking forward to trying this. What got me was light defusing particles in the foundation, supposing to make your makeup look airbrushed and flawless. So the bottle is 1 fl. oz, and it has a nifty little pump on top, so say goodbye to lost product you don't use. I love the pump. The whole bottle is glass, and very high end looking, my favorite foundation bottle out there right now. They have lots of selections, and when I bought my bottle, it even came with a free mini foundation brush. As for the price however, I dont think I'm too excited about 12 bucks for a drugstore foundation, but hey, if something works, does it need a price tag? So before work on day, I decided to use this foundation, see how it held up. The formula is very watery and light. I did need to layer a few spots to get the coverage I wanted, but did not see anything bad with the makeup. So the end of my day came, went home, and took a look in my bathroom mirror. And to my amazement, my foundation looked horrible. Spots where it had come off. and all over my nose, cheeks, and chin there was flaky ugliness. My skin looked like it was 2 different colors, and my skin was peeling off. So from then on, I refused to use this foundation ever again. The next week or two, I didnt want to waste my money, so I tried mixing this PhotoReady foundation, with a few of my others, to kinda use this one up, and for some reason, my makeup stayed on all day, with my skin flaky. I really have no idea what happened that day, but I can tell you that I will never use this foundation on its own. Ill stick with using it with 3 others!**

Arnold, MO


The Kodak M1073 IS Digital Camera is well worth the price.


The Kodak M1073 IS Digital Camera is an excellent compact digital camera for the money. It feautures 3x Optical Zoom Image Stabilization, Face Detection, HD Stills, Automatic Flash as well as Red Eye Reduction.This camera is available in an assortment of colors. The Kodak M1073 also features the Easy Share button that makes your pictures much more easier to share with friends and family. It has a 2.7" LCD screen which makes for easy viewing. It also features 10.2 megapixels. For even better shots the Face detection feature locates faces and automatically adjusts the cameras settings. You can also capture pictures in low light settings and fast action situations with the high ISO feature. This particular camera is HD capable which makes capturing still pictures and video in high definition a truly wonderful experience. Kodak has also made viewing those HD pictures easy as well with their HDTV Dock. This particular dock is available as an optional accessory. I would highly reccomend this camera to anyone looking to purchase a compact digital camera.

Chaffee, MO


Kodak m1073 IS ie evrything you want in digital camera!


You know what , i wanted to buy a camcorder as i was expecting a baby, but all of a sudden, my old digital camera went bad, that made two things that i needed.Then i got this Kodak m1073 IS as a gift, it also has video camera with clear picture and sound. So i'm good to go. And you can also crop, brighten already taken picture. It has a lot of feature which i discover everyday.

Bloomfield, NJ


Kodak - easy share m1073 IS Digital Camera

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