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Kodak EasyShare Printer Dock Plus Photo

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I like it, I like it alot!


I like this printer.  It prints the pics very nice.  I liked the fact that it was very easy to set up.  It was easy to use also.  I do wish it took regular size paper and not just 4 x 6 paper. Also, it would be nice if there were more options for creating photo packages

Waterford, MI


Best thing made for simple and easy picture taking and printing


Never had so much fun taking pictures. Owned mine for over a year now and can't take enough pictures. GREAT for saving memories. Best investment I ever made and worth every penny. If you don't have one, get one. You'll quickly learn what I have learned. Thank you Kodak !!

Reading, PA


nice and compact


This printer is nice and compact when it comes to printing out pictures but the ink cartridge has to be replaced too often. It also seems to be non-economical in the way the ink and paper are sold together and not seems an inconvenience to the consumer. All in all the printer produces some very clear pictures and is a good gift idea from an avid picture-printer if they can afford to buy the cartridge/paper combos.

Gulfport, MS


Great printer ~ easy to use


I love my picture printer.  It is easy to use and prints out a pretty good picture. the refills are spendy but I think they are worth it. I am so happy with it I plan on upgrading my camera and I can still use the same dock and printer which is another bonus. It is compatible with the other cameras in the series. I will stick with easyshare for awhile. And for ease of use we bought my 15 year old niece one for christmas and she loves to print her own pictures.

Spokane, WA


okay but the paper jams and parts are expensive


The docking station's paper tray; jams often and it is hard to clear the memory of the station. The parts are expensive and services are contracted to another company in which you must pay for shipping, and insurance of your printer beforehand. The Kodak docking station is not sold in any retailer store anymore.

Hyattsville, MD


Kodak has come up with a great thing again


Kodak, you have done it again.  You have come up with the best thing yet.  I have used the printer dock many times and everytime the photos come up looking like professional photos.  Make sure you buy the right paper and it is as easy and l to 3.  The color is exceptional.  Used it while we were in Las Vegas and every picture including the ones taken at night came out just beautiful.  The film may seem high but the money you save from having to take them somewhere to be developed is minimal. Use Kodak paper and you will find that it fits perfectly and the quality is perfect.  The dock has an attachment so that you can use several different  cameras.  Have had several other Kodak camers but now we can just fit the Kodak Easy Share camera on top and print as many pictures as we like.  It is great to use if company is here over the holidays and they want to take some copies with them.  Everyone who has seen it has been as impressed as we are.  If you want to invest some good money into equipment that gives you what you pay for, then the Kodak Easy Share printer dock plus photo is for you.

Janesville, WI


Kodak Easy Share Printer dock


Kodak easy share printer dock prints beautiful photos.  i Have owned it for a few years+.  I do like the printer a lot.  The kodak Digital camera i have i don't like as much my batteries die to quick even though they recharge.  If i could use a different brand of camera with this printer dock i would.

Port Jervis, NY


Better then store pictures, Great for home pictures.


This printer dock does more then meets the eye.  Bluetooth compatible, prints from the computer, the camera, your memory card.  I made photo birth announcements with this.  With better then proffessional prints (waterproof, tear resistant) and no wait time for drying, these are well worth the extra money for the ink and paper.  You can't go wrong.  Makes several sizes (standard size pictures, wallet size, and smaller).

Zephyrhills, FL




I really enjoy this product. It is so easy to pop the camera on and print out photo's.  No messing around with sizing or positioning... just print.  And I can take the unit with me to parties etc.. and just snap pics.. plug it in and print out pics for everyone.

Oswego, NY


It is convenient.


I received this photo printer for Christmas last year and it is amazing how it works. It is very convenient if you need a picture right away and can't make it to the store. But I dont really see it saving me any money just yet.

Carthage, MO


Kodak EasyShare Printer Dock Plus Photo

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