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Kodak - EasyShare C533 Digital Camera

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EasyShare..Yes...But Battery Life..No!


I received this camera as a gift a few years ago. At first I loved it! The pictures came out great, awesome quality! The camera was very easy to use, I had no problem using all the features. The flash delay was a bit too long. I love the different editing options and all the fun picture tools! Uploading the pictures was also very easy. I love that it goes right to the Kodak site and I was able to share them with friends and family! The reason I ended up buying a new camera was because all of a sudden I noticed the battery life of the camera was minimizing with every use. It took regular AA batteries. I found that it got to the point where I would be out and take maybe 5-10 pictures and the battery was dead and I mean brand new ones! I missed out of many picture moments of my children because of this.

Mastic Beach, NY


Love My Kodak EasyShare


***I really like my Kodak EasyShare digital camera. Easy to use, nothing complicated about this digital camera.. I have looking for a while now trying to find a new digital camera, but I always end up not buying anything because, this camera has it all, it's easy to use, point and click that's about all you have to do, the shots on this camera are awesome...***

Sturgis, MI


Kodak EasyShare C533 Digital Camera


The Kodak EasyShare C533 was my first digital camera. I loved this little camera until it dropped out of my pocket onto the floor and broke apart. It is easy to use and user friendly. I love that I would be able to see a picture immediately after taking the picture. No need to worry about "wasting a picture". No need to worry about developing pictures that didn't turn out. The view screen is smaller than the norm they have now days but was still adequate. I like that each picture was date stamped automatically. I also like that when I reviewed a video I just took I can hear it over the camera. My Kodak EasyShare C182 does not come with either of these two features. I also like that where the SD card is inserted is seperate from the battery compartment, no need to juggle with the batteries when gaining excess to the SD card. I like how this camera has a bit of substance to it. It is not hard for my not petite hands to hang onto, but still slipped easily into my pocket. I would highly recommend this to any first time digital camera user. I like that the on/off switch is slightly raised for easy operation. The buttons on the back are also easier to use since they are raised and are circular in shape, like a person's finger, and are not square. The zoom buttons are also raised slightly and at an angle with a raised I on the end of the button which also helps in the operation so my finger doesn't slide off. I also like that it has a view finder. When the sun is shining just right, it is hard to see the actual picture on the view screen. I liked how the buttons on the back had words so I knew what they meant. I didn't have to guess what a picture meant. I like that it operates on 2 AA batteries since a person can pick those up anywhere and don't have to worry about charging your camera if it runs out of battery power. I can just pop two new ones in, even if I am in the middle of the woods. I highly recommend investing in rechargeable batteries and a charger though. I would not have a problem purchasing a remake of this camera or one just like it. I really miss this little camera.

Medford, WI


Kodak Easy Share C533 is very user friendly.


My Kodak Easy Share C533 is a great little camera that meets most of my needs. Its very user friendly and shoots great shots. I keep it with me at all times and I never miss those off camera moments. It does have a long delay after the shot but more times than not it gets an even better shot for it, in the case of my grandson - he poses for the shot when he catches me trying to sneek one in, because of the long delay, he thinks the shot is over and relaxes the fake smile and I get a more natural one.  

Cedar Bluffs, NE


This is the best camera for taking group photos.


  I love this camera. I take this camera with me when I go to family gatherings and reunions.  My favorite feature is the Cropping option. Instead of spending the whole day taking photos of individuals, I take group photos and later crop them on my camera. This option still provides me with the same quality of photo I want and also individual photos of my family members.  Thus, leaving me pleanty of time to enjoy the evening and chat with my relatives.

Terra Alta, WV


Convenience and style rolled in one


The Kodak C533 is the best digital camera I have owned. The Easyshare version is part of the Kodak Color Science and it is evident in every picture. I dont care how dark it is outside, the photo senses the object and makes it pop in the picture. the whole cameria itself is 3"x2" which is so convenient for carrying. The optical Aspheric lens comes out for a precise shot each time the camera is turned on. it is a 5 megapixel camera with a 1.8in/4.6cm color display to preview each shot without having to hit any buttons to request the preview. This camera can compete with any other brand out there. The only drawback is the fact that it draws an extreme amount of power from the batteries and we all know lithium batteries are not the most inexpensive. Outside of that, it is the perfect gift, particularly for a teen.

Hampton, VA


Good camera but delay to capture photo is long.


This is a great little camera, however, many photos are missed due to the delayed response when snapping the picture.  I realize most digital cameras have a delay, but this is about a 10 second delay which causes me to get many blurred photos due to movement.  People are not used to sitting after they see the photographer snap the photo, but after the snap it still takes at least 10 seconds for the picture to capture. I find that many of the pictures are blurred and although I adjust the setting for the type of photo I want, it doesn't always capture the best quality. 

Ocoee, FL


Kodak - EasyShare C533 Digital Camera

3.9 7