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Kodak ESP 9 All-In-One Digital Photo Printer

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Kodak ESP 9250 quickest printer ever


I got this as a gift and I have gone through 2 reems of paper before needing to change the ink. The scan to computer is quick to respond. I can print 4 pages in 3 seconds. Very easy to operate and relatively quiet.

Fort Lauderdale, FL


I am so disappointed with this printer. I actually hate it.


I have had this ESP 9 AIO for almost 2 years now and it is by far the worst purchase I have made in a long time. I was tried of paying so much for printer ink which is what led me to Kodak. Sure, I pay less for ink but I can only print a handfull of documents before I need to replace the black & the color. I am no longer able to print photographs as they #1 suck up all the ink and #2 come out looking like a poor photocopy of an image. Sometimes, when the ink is not even empty, I have to clean the heads, readjust the whatevers and run a test just so I can print a small recipe. I am not even going to try and sell this thing because my conscious would not allow me to take money from another person for such a lousy product. I have even tried buying the XL black ink cartridge. It did not print that many more copies. A watse of money. We are going to buy another HP printer and keep this Kodak only for the faxing abilities. The fax machine is not the best. Half the time you have to call the recipient to see if they have recieved your fax because the machine does not give you adequate confirmation but since I fax so infrequently I can deal with this. This is not a money saver at all. The price for the expensive ink is worth it. You get what you pay for.

Clifton Park, NY


Great printing, doesn't last long


I have had this printer for two years now and it started out great but it is slowly breaking. First, the display screen fell off and I can't seem to get it to stay in place, it prints EXTREMELY loud which is annoying, i constantly have to clean the print heads in order for the ink to be printed out evenly other wise it will only print yellowish green. The printer used to be really great because you could print out high quality pictures at home which I loved. I was a little bummed once everything started to fall apart and the warranty is useless unless you have proof of purchase which I didn't because it was a gift. My scanner doesn't work and the printer will freeze up every time I try to do it and it constantly says theres a paper jam when there is no paper in the printer. If these issues were fixed, I would recommend this printer because the cartridges are so cheap and usually the print quality is good. Spend a little extra and get a better printer.

Fenton, MI


Average Quality Printer


I ordered this printer after seeing a TV commercial that highlights its cost-saving feature of using less expensive ink cartridges. I had a HP Photosmart printer that uses more expensive Vivera color ink cartridges and thought I would save money by using the Kodak printer. I had the good sense of not getting rid of my HP. The color quality of the Kodak printer does not compare to that of the HP printer. The colors on photos done on the Kodak printer are not nearly as vivid or sharp. I don't print a lot of pictures but I feel that if I do print them, they need to look good. The Kodak saves me money since it is cheaper to use for everyday printing of documents and making color copies of documents that don't need excellent color and resolution. You do need to be careful not to touch the color copies until the ink dries. It is a bit slow when making copies and is adequate for home office use but would be woefully inadequate in a work environment. It does have good scanning features and I have not used it as a fax machine, so I have no comment in that area. Set up was easy and setting it up for wireless use is not complicated. But I'm glad I didn't get rid of my HP, I still use it to print my photos and documents that require good color resolution. As they say, you get what you pay for, and the Kodak ESP 9 All-In-One printer is just OK.

Redwood City, CA


Great savings on ink with the Kodak ESP 9 printer!


As an avid picture taker - I am always using my printer to print off pictures to frame and became concerned and even started printing less, as the price of the ink was just so expensive.  I saw the ads for Kodak's new printer's with MUCH cheaper ink prices and when my old computer gave out, I decided to give it a try.  I got the one from Kodak and just love it.  This printer prints the best quality pictures of any printer I have ever owned and it is very easy to order ink online or get it a local stores. Kodak ESP 9 All-In-One printer also has the greatest feature  - scanning muliple pictures and yet the ability to save each one individually.  As I am in the process of scanning all my pre-digital photos, this has been a real time save and just makes seem easier overall.  This was one purchase I have no regret in purchasing and also must mention when I had to ask a question from thier customer service department, they went above and beyond.

Anaheim, CA


Kodak ESP 9 All-In-One Digital Photo Printer

3.2 5