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KitchenAid Santoku Knives

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A tool you will enjoy using.


This is a well designed tool for everyone's kitchen. It is built with good steel so it will take and hold a fine edge. This knife is superb for chopping, cutting and mincing. It has a friendly weight, length and feel that is easy to control. This knife won't cause wrist fatigue like heavier knives but you can't ask for more when it comes to sharpness and ease to use.



Loved The Santoku Once But Not Any More


I first used the KitchenAid Santoku knife at a church function last Easter. I had to cut up pounds and pounds of potatoes to roast, and someone brought their KitchenAid Santoku knife over to use. I loved it, and I had never used a Santoku knife before. These knives are made of high carbon stainless steel blades, and the handle is comfortable and ergonomically designed. When using the knife I did feel it was well balanced in my hand and relieved stress since I was using it for a couple of hours. Since the knife has a nice wide blade, it not only works for slicing, but it also acts as a way to get under vegetables and pick them up. I used this for almost a year and then the blade was useless. It became dull very quickly and now it won't cut hardly anything. I expected more of a quality product from KitchenAid, but I would not buy these again. Comfort Well balanced and comfortable to hold, relieves stress when using it for long periods of time Performance Worked great at first, and the wide blade allows me to pick up food that has been cut. Durability After one year the blade is so dull it won't hardly cut anything. I expected more from KitchenAid. Design Looks nice and it matches the other KitchenAid gadgets in my kitchen.

Eagle River, AK


Fantastic Knife!!!


Wow!  My husband surprised me the other day, by purchasing this knife for me.  I could not wait to take it out of its' package, as I was really excited.  I have many KitchenAid appliances and items in my home, but never a KitchenAid knife.  The first item I used it on was while I was cutting up carrots and celery for homemade chicken noodle soup.  Was I ever surprised when I started slicing the carrots.  It cut like butter!!!  No more, unsteady slicing, where I always imagine me slipping and cutting myself.  Insteady, with one quick, forward slice, I got beautifully, sliced even carrots.  When I cut the celery, I placed eight stalks together and the same thing, cut like butter!!!  I hardly had to use any effort when slicing these "hard" vegetables.  I then switched to cutting my items for the salad.  I got out a soft tomato and wow, was I ever surprised how easy it was to cut it.  No smashing down on the tomato, just clean, thin, slices.  I am so happy my husband purchased this for me.  It is lightweight and so easy to use.  The following day, I returned to the store and purchased five more knives for gifts!

Sterling Heights, MI


Not exactly what I was expecting


I received this knife as a Christmas present. I'm not super impressed with it at all. I actually had a kitchenaid knife set in a wood block that has another Santoku knife in it and that whole set was not very impressive also. Needless to say I decided to keep the kinfe I received for Christmas  and gave it as shot. I felt like I had to saw through my onion. It wasn't easy to use at all.WHen chopping it only cuts partially through and takes alot of work. I was surprised to see such good reviews on this and am wondering if I am missing something? I loooooooove to cook and looooove a good set a knives , especially a fantastic Santoku knife. Again, this jusst didn't do it for me. I even used my knife sharpening tool on it and really feel that it didn't make much of a difference at all. It did get slithly sharper but c ertainly not enough to write home about. I wish I had a beeter review, however this is the best I can do :(

Port Washington, WI


What a great knife!


As we all know Kitchen Aid doen't just give their stuff away. But there are a few things in life worth paying for; I would include this knife as one of those things.  I have had this knife for the last five years and put it through lots of use and abuse (yes, I wash my knives in the dishwasher) and it has stood to the test!  I really like how the stainless steel construction goes all of the way through the handle.  I also like the fact that when you are holding the knife handle and you cut down, your knuckles don't get smashed into the cutting board; there's plenty of room for your hand to be on the knife and for you to be able to cut comfortably.  I also like how this knife seems to release the food you're cutting - no one likes sliced potatoes to stick to the knife every cut they make.  This knife stayed sharp for a long time, but not forever, luckily it is made out of good material and is easy to shapen!

Jenison, MI


One of the few other knives I actually like!


A 4.5" KitchenAid Stainless Steel Santuku is the knife that takes up the "spare" slot in my Wusthof knife block.  Why not a Wusthof?  I couldn't find one to try one and when it comes to knives I'm all about feel and balance.  I tried another brand of Santuku and hated it, it now resides in my cutlery drawer as something I just hand-off to others when they want to help me in the kitchen. I think I would fight someone if they tried to take my KitchenAid Santuku from me. Wusthof could give me a free Santuku.  It would have to be pretty impressive to make me change my mind about my KitchenAid knife. It comes down to the way it feels in my hand.  If fits.  It is like an extension of my hand, the same as my other knives that I love so much. It is balanced. It is comfortable. It is perfect. The quality one would expect from KitchenAid is there.  Construction is solid and the knife is one piece so there are no nooks or crannies for food to hide in.  This knife takes an edge well and holds an edge well.  I actually have to be much more careful with it than with my other knives due to the sharpness.  This is my go-to knife when I'm working small or delicately. It slice's, dice's, julienne's and chop's like a dream.  The price can't be beat either when compared to other good-quality Santukus.  Available in several sizes, if you are looking for a good Santuku without paying a high price then I would definitely recommend one these knives!

Greenville, OH


Kitchen Aid Santoku knives are a cook's dream come true.


I have had my Breast Cancer edition Kitchenaid Santoku knife now for a little over a year and I must say that I absolutely love it.  Because of the price, I hesitated to buy a santoku-style knife for a long time.  It is the first santoku-type knife I have ever owned, and it blows any other style of knife out of the water.  This knife is such a workhorse it is my go-to knife.  There has never been a job too big or small for it, and I have always had excellent results.  It slices through any type of meat, vegetable, fruit, bread, etc. with ease, and I love the grippy comfort handle.  I haven't had any rusting on the stainless steel blade, and it is easy to clean since you can put it in the dishwasher.  Since I see the value that the smaller Kitchenaid santoku knife has brought me, I will be investing in a variety of the other sizes of knives that come in this line of kitchenware in the near future.     

Wichita, KS


great smart looking knife


I don't know why but i think a great knife makes your kitchen! I have 3 brands of knives that i use in my kitchen and this is one. It is a great knife that looks great as well, very smart and official looking! This is heavy and durable, which are great features to look for in a knife. My mom is in terrible need of a kitchen upgrade and this year for Christmas is getting one if she wants it or not, after being married for 28 years she has shabby everything, well i already have started buying her items for the kitchen including this great knife and i am so excited about it because we do all the holiday cooking at her house and using a dull and cheap knife scares me to death, and this year i am going to take my own and next year i know she will have one there that i can use, and i know she is going to get lots of use out of it herself. These are great, and i don't know how i lived without mine either! But now i wouldn't be caught dead with out it in my kitchen! A MUST HAVE FOR EVERYONE!

Norwalk, OH


Worth the money


I am probably the cheapest person you will ever encounter. I always thought a knife was a knife. I was wrong. I decided to buy a really good knife. Kitchenaide has always had a good reputation so that's why I went with it. Got a good price on one at the local Kohls. My wife to say the least is very happy with the knife. They are well made and are sharp and effiecent. I wish Kitchenaide would offer a lifetime warranty instead of 1 year.

Vancouver, WA


KitchenAid Santoku Knives

4.3 9