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KitchenAid KGCC566 38 in. Gas Cooktop

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Bought this range 3 1/2 years ago and it worked fine until last Friday when it exploded in my face, burning my forearm. Shards of the glass top hit me in the face drawing blood. Fortunately, nothing in the kitchen caught fire and I didn't lose an eye. After two phone calls and more than an hour on the phone with two KitchenAid representatives, they declined to have a repair person come out to evaluate the damage and make a determination of whether it should be replaced or not. After I called around to find someone who could replace the product at our own expense, we found out that KitchenAid does not pay service people for warranty work so nobody in our area would come out to see it unless we paid them ourselves--which we are now going to do. From close examination of the damage, our best guess is there was an internal gas leak within the unit that ignited by the burner's ignition spark as I began to prepare a meal, causing an explosion that burned my arm and shattered the glass top, sending shards of glass more than 30 feet. Please keep your family safe! Do not purchase this dangerous product. And, consider avoiding all KitchenAid products if you want them to deal fairly with you. We will take our business elsewhere.

Gold Beach, Oregon


KitchenAid KGCC566 38 in. Gas Cooktop

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