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KitchenAid 3 pc. Pasta Roller Set Attachment for Stand Mixer


Make Lasagna and More with the 3-Piece Pasta Roller Attachment

With this KitchenAid 3-pc. pasta roller attachment you can make so many delicious things. Add spinach or carrot to your pasta for lovely colors. You can incorporate crushed garlic, or pretty shredded herbs, or add a touch of whole-wheat flour or soy flour for better nutrition. Easily roll out the dough and cut it into fettuccine or linguine, or use wide sheets to create the best fresh lasagna your family has ever tasted. Homemade never tasted so good, or cooked up so easy.

The 3-pc. pasta roller attachment is compatible with the KitchenAid stand mixer. It attaches easily, and cleans in a snap with the included cleaning brush. You can roll out thick sheets to create your own hand-cut pappardelle or ravioli, or run the pasta through the cutters for perfectly uniform pasta shapes. These efficient rollers will save you hours of kitchen time, but your pasta will taste like you spent the whole day cooking.

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