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Kissaluvs Organic Cotton/Hemp Fitted Diaper, Unbleached

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BY FAR the Best Cloth Diaper, from a Mom of Eleven


Yes, I really am a mom of eleven. I have cloth diapered for years and used all of the leading brands of disposables, hybrids and cloth. Once I found these, I'm a loyal kissaluv customer. I actually gave away my cloth diaper stash after my tenth child, thinking I was done having children. I had begun using cloth because I wanted to save money, but was always a little annoyed that some diapers leaked, some were too bulky, some gave my sons diaper rash. Anyways, got pregnant again and was needing a new cloth diaper stash. I actually got two dozen free from a nice woman on craigslist, along with prowrap covers. They were in perfect condition and she had used them faithfully with her child. Soft, good snaps, and unstained (she said she sunned them). Anyways, my baby came very early and was only three pounds. He was four pounds when I brought him home. The newborn size adjusted to fit him perfectly and adjusted up until he was five months old. I am just moving him to the size 1. The kissaluvs are really soft. He has never known diaper rash. They wash well and still look brand new. They are chemical free, which makes me happy. And I'm not buying disposable diapers to waste money and throw away. They don't leak. He has worn them overnight with no problem. They are not super bulky under his clothes. I absolutely think they are perfect. Can't recommend highly enough!! Ease of Use Super easy to use. Snaps on. Leak Prevention Not one leak yet. Comfort He loves them. Absorbency Overnight is fine.



Perfect nighttime solution!


This hemp/cotton blend fitted is a great diaper all around. It adjusts pretty well and holds A LOT. The hemp/cotton blends are thinner than other fitted diapers in my experience and hold more. The ones that I prepped in a he front loader got less fluffy though than the ones I prepped in a traditional top loader. This is true of most of my natural fiber fitted diapers though. It is very soft and a first choice for nighttime here. It washes up well and our dryer time isn't extended because of it. The elastic around the legs holds things in nicely and doesn't cut into little legs. I'd definitely recommend this, especially for someone who is having leaks with other diapers at night. Works well with a wool cover or basic cover, such as a Flip cover. Natural fibers very delicate on skin. Ease of Use There are less snaps than other diapers. I liked this at first, but as my son grew sometimes the fit was less exact. Pretty easy to get on though. Leak Prevention Bulletproof! Best overnight diaper with a cover. Comfort Very soft. Very comfortable. I felt good putting my child in it. Absorbency Very absorbant. Good nighttime solution. Holds a lot!

North Bergen, NJ


Wonderful Cloth Diaper!


When my daugther was a year old I was having problems with her leaking out of her diaper at night. I had been al oyal kissaluvs customer, so when she started leaking I contacted the company. I actually was able to talk to the owner Tashi, who told me that the organic hemp diapers were extremely absorbent and good for a heavy night wetter. She send me a sample of one. I have to say that I was so pleased with this sample she sent me, that I ended up buying a dozen of them. These diapers as wonderful. As soon as I switched to the organic fitted hemp diaper, my daughter no longer leaked at night. These were a great addition to the stash of cloth diapers I already had. Very durable, soft and able to hold a lot! If you have a heavy wetter at night, these are well worth the price.

Wilmore, KY


best newborn cloth diapers


I did a lot of research before my daughter was born and this diaper with a prorap cover was the highest rated combination for a newborn. I loved these diapers! They kept in the newborn breastfed poop, were easy to change, easy to care for and very economical. I have since recommended them to friends who have tried them and felt the same way.

Wichita, KS


Makes cloth diapering a breeze!


I got a huge bag of cloth diapers handed down to me, filled with several of every type imaginable, and these are by far my favorite. They're unbelievably soft and have a thick, fluffy texture to them that my little guy loves. The adjustable snaps at the top are easy to use and grow with baby. I especially like the fitted legs. They've got enough elastic to hold in place and not let out any, er, goo that might come their way, yet they're not too tight by any means. Use plastic pants, of course, and I'd be really surprised if you ever had a leak from a blowout (unlike the rectangular cloth diapers I also use). I have them in sizes 1, 2, and 3, and I highly recommend them if you're going the cloth diaper route. Love this product!

Caldwell, ID


Kissaluvs Organic Cotton/Hemp Fitted Diaper, Unbleached

4.8 5