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Kirkland Minoxidil 5% Extra Strength Hair Regrowth for Men, 6 Month Supply

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Stick to toughing it out


I bought this item for my husband as he is thinning a little bit in the front and wanted something to try to combat that. After using for 6 months, he noticed no change in the fullness or regrowth departments. His exact words were it was a waste of our money! He has tried other items that he liked much better, such as the basic Rogaine and Nioxin shampoos and conditioners. They seem to really help thicken the hair, not really regrow it, but thicken the folicles. For the price of this, it's totally not worth your time, effort or high hopes. My husband has come to the decision that he is just going to have to deal with thining hair. He wears hats constantly now. However, men look great as they age with hair or no hair. Embrace what you have or don't and save your money rather than spending it on all these products. Most women could care less how much hair you have. It's not the hair that makes the man!

Henderson, NV


Kirkland Minoxidil works well.


My husband has been using this product for a few years now, and we have noticed significant regrowth of his hair in the back where he was losing it. There is still more growth needed, but looking back on pictures of him before he started using minoxidil make the difference even more obvious. At first I was concerned about the properties of minoxidil wondering if it would cause any damage to my husband's health. We have not had any problems, though, and I have heard others talk about the ingredients positively. This made me feel much better about it, since it is used everyday. Another bonus is that this brand of minoxidil is much cheaper than Rogaine, which is the name brand equivilant. Because of the everyday use of this product, it is very nice to have the savings of the Kirkland's brand. My husband's hair thinning was on the crown of his head. I am not sure how well this product would work in other places, but I recommend it for the crown hair loss.

West Palm Beach, FL


works well


I have used many of 5% minoxidil products and this one is similar to the others.They all eventually work but at the end of the 2 months one has to buy a new box to keep the logarythmic growth curve which will eventually cease to be logarigthmic.The vasodilating effects can be felt-at least for me-on other parts of the body,much stronger than taking a herbal dht blocker and/or vasodilator.It seems to make my hair somehow darker something that makes it look like there is more hair.The smell is nice-now they all have nice smell(something for the price at least).Would recommend to use with other products -like natural herbs-and carefully observe skin reaction and allergy indicators.I have used for many years many of these products and never gone completely bald(while other non users in family have).It also makes hair more manegeable and nicer lookingwould recommend the product,but advise to get an effective product that does not cost a fortune and it works with vasodilating effects.

Miami, FL


A Follicle Wish


My dad has a happy face bald spot sitting on the top of his head like a placemat on a kitchen table. It is smooth and very shiny. I bought him the Kirland Minoxidil for father's day in 2011, hoping he'll take his hats off just to experiment with happy face bald spot. Now its 2011, same ol bald spot, no hair, just a shiny happy face. This product didn't work for my dad. I truly believe that his hair follicles couldn't be brought back to life with this product. Because everyone has different experiences, I can't say rather if I do or don't recommend this product. I just know that it didn't work for my daddy. This father's day in 2011, I'm going to buy him a new hat. This product is expensive and like I said before, it didn't work for my dad with understanding that results vary, so I give this product a thumb down with one snap. And to the corporation, no disrespect, but my opinion is legal.

Dayton, OH


hair regrowth that works?, iF IT DID THERE WOULD BE NO bALD MEN


Okay, first of all if this stuff worked there would be no bald men or balding men. The cost would be huge if it really worked. The market hare would decrease as fewer and fewer people would need it after using it. Just another scam that plays off the insecurity of men. It is a same that products like this are put on the market. Have a rich full head of hair, only two ways to go a rug, or don't lose it in the first place. The spray on hair was a terrible product that everyone should have known was BAD.. But at least that painted your head, this does absolutely nothing, just a huge waste of money, time and energy. Remember when they used to say " It will grow hair on a cueball, when is the last time you saw a hairy cue ball on your pool table. Ever few years another product will come on the market and be just as terrible as this. Do not waste your time, do not believe this will work, do not be fooled. AND DO NOT WASTE ANYMORE money.

Mehama, OR


Kirkland Minoxidil 5% Extra Strength Hair Regrowth for Men, 6 Month Supply

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