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Kiddieland Mickey Plane Ride On Toy

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A fun ride on toy


This was a present for my daughter's first birthday. So far, she has really enjoyed this toy. My daughter's favorite part is that the seat opens and there is a place to store things or to push them around. There are four shapes (square, circle, triangle, and star) and there are two holes on each side. This means this toy also doubles as a shape sorter. Each time a shape is placed correctly, Mickey talks. When she riding or sitting on the toy, you can actually steer by moving the steering wheel. There are also many buttons that will get Mickey to sing or say phrases. The "key" to turn on the plane will actually turn on the propeller. My daughter loves that the propeller spins and lights up! When any of the songs are playing, Mickey will move up and down. One thing that I like as a parent is that there is a stopper at the back of the plane. This means that she cannot flip over backwards on the plane. There is also a back for support when she is sitting. Overall, this is a toy my daughter loves!

Waco, TX


Kiddieland Mickey Plane Ride On Toy

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