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P201 RED
Kidco Peapod Plus Portable Baby Infant Tent Travel Bed

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Great for air travel and small cars


I cannot say enough good things about this product. Super compact and easy to fit into a suitcase for air travel and squeeze into tight spots in the car. My son loves it and sleeps great in it. Love how the air mattress fits into the bottom section and he has plenty of space. Very durable.

Smyrna, GA




I love this thing!!! I bought it last summer 2010 b.c my son who was 2 1/2 at the time didn;t fit in the pack n play he is very tall in the 95th percential. So I was looking for a larger pack n play but noticed they really didnt sell anything like that. I was going to buy him a regular kids air mattress but i knew he would get up and not sleep (He was still in a crib at home) so i needed something he would stay in so i found this. It was a little out of our price range but I really needed something bc we were going to visit my mother n father in law down the shore. So we bought it and its been wonderful. We used it again a few months ago b.c we moved to FL and all of our furniture was all shipped down here and its great. Make sure you get the plus so it can last a bit longer. I had no trouble with my son fitting itn it. Like I said he is a big kid and could fit and he couldnt get out just zip him up. Its very light and very easy to travel with. Came with a pump. Def reccomend it. We bring it out to the pool with us now for my friends newborn to sleep in b.c it blocks out the sun. Im sure it would be great for the beach too.

Lakeland, FL


Kidco's peapod is the best travel bed


I have a Pack n' Play, but my daughter climbs right out of it. Also, when we're in the same room, she sees us and wants to get up and play. The Pack n' Play is heavy and takes up way too much trunk space. This is why we splurged and bought our Kidco Peapod! Our daughter thinks it's so much fun to sleep in her "tent." She usually stays inside, and if she doesn't we just safety-pin the zippers together. We can control which flaps she can and can't see out of. The thing only weighs 6 lbs and takes up a tiny amount of space when folded. Aside from inflating and deflating the mattress pad, it only takes a second, literally, to pop up and fold down. (The fold down is complicated at first but if you follow the directions, you catch on easily.) I love that the mattress pad zips in from the outside so the child can't get underneath it. The one thing less than perfect is that the material is noisy when the child moves around. But I show this off to all my friends, and now they all want one, too!

Pleasant Grove, UT


neat idea, terrible product


I bought this to use on a trip with my child when I wouldn't have a crib available. The portability of this really appealed to me! I do like the actual tent, it has enough room for a baby or toddler to sleep comfortably, but not for an older child like it claims to. The tent absolutely refused to fold back up neatly. It was impossible to fold as the spring loaded wiring seemed to simply not work once it was open. It created more of a hassle than it was worth since it takes up a lot of space when it isn't folded.

Raleigh, NC


Kidco Peapod Plus Portable Baby Infant Tent Travel Bed

4.3 4