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Top Load Washers
Kenmore Series 300 Top Load Washer

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I'm very disappointed in this product


I have to wash 2or three times to get clothes clean can't adjust water level give me one that has enough water to do the job tithe rating of one star is too high I rate it a -10

Los ranchos New Mexico


Kenmore Serires 300 Works for a Family of Five


     About a month before having my son our washing machine stopped working.  It too was a Kenmore and lasted 11 years.  It was repairable, but too costly without any guarantee.  My husband and I had to pull together and budget in this necessary appliance with the new baby and all.  We stuck with Kenmore and purchased the Kenmore 300.      The gentleman that appraised my previous washer suggested the 300.  He said the washer we had before was no longer made and that the 300 was comparable in size, prize, and function.       I am well pleased overall.  It was a very easy to use washer.  Being already familiar with Kenmore, I went straight to using it out-of-the-box!  It has rinse options.  I use one rinse just to conserve.  I like this top load washer as Kenmore has changed the door from my older Kenmore.  Instead of opening from the side, the 300 opens from front to back.  I can get a satisfactory amount of clothes in though it is smaller than my previous washer.  The only con I can state is that my favorite liquid softner is not dissolving as it should.  I am not using too much.  I am considering contacting Kenmore as it is still under warranty.  Sometimes the liquid fabric softner ends up on my clothes.  Maybe it's my softner?   All in all, if you're in a tight squeeze or just want a good valued washer, I'd suggest the Kenmore 300!

Castle Hayne, NC


Kenmore Series 300 Top Load Washer

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