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Kenmore Progressive Bagged Canister Vacuum 5

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I love this Kenmore vacuum!


I have had a Kenmore vacuum for many years. When I needed to get a new one a couple of months ago of course I bought another Kenmore. I love this model as it is very affordable and works excellent! One of my favorite features of this vacuum is the quick release button. You can go from one attachment to the next effortlessly. It works great on all types of surfaces. I can move thru my entire house and with just a click of the button change from the carpet head to the hard floor attachment, to the small brush to clean the crumbs that my children left on the couch. It is so quick to zip around the edges of the room then return to the rest of the floor. I would definitely recommend this Kenmore vacuum to everyone!

Pasco, WA


I love this kenmore Vacuum :)


This Kenmore Vacuum is perfect if you're looking for something lightweight that doesn't sacrifice power. I've had it for years and it's never had a problem picking up anything of the floor, which is what I was worried about when I purchased it. I needed something lightweight and self-propelled so that my mother could use after she got back from the hospital. So I searched for a small model, that was cheap enough that we could replace it if a smaller vacuum wasn't adequate. Still using it, it's great. She was very happy with it even though it's considerably smaller than what she was used to. We have no reason to want a bigger vacuum, this one has all the power we could need. It's durable enough to survive for years and the suction doesn't dwindle with age. The vacuum bags it uses are very common and among the cheaper ones. It has multiple attachements to handle any job in the house, and they fit nicely inside. The only problem is that it's a canister model, it can be a hassle to move around two parts of a vacuum if you aren't used to it.

Beaverton, OR


Kenmore Progressive Bagged Canister Vacuum 5

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