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Top Load Washers
Kenmore Portable Top Load Washer

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Handy Washer for an apartment dweller


After lugging my dirty clothes to the laundromat for many years, my husband bought me a Kenmore Portable Heavy Duty Washer for my birthday and I am a much happier person now.  The convenience factor alone is a good reason to buy a Kenmore portable washing machine.  Aside from that reason, it is a good, solid washing machine.  A bit pricey for what it is, it was our only choice being that we live in an apartment, and seemed to be the best priced portable available.  The capacity is not as large as a full-sized, but does seem to wash an amazing amount of clothes for the size.  It rolls very easily, which means it is convenient to move around in my small laundry room.  The only issue I had was finding the correct adapter for my sink in my laundry room, as this IS a portable and does not hook up the same way a regular washing machine does.  But, an extra trip to the hardware store took care of the adapter problem.  I highly recommend this washing machine for those apartment dwellers such as myself.

Albuquerque, NM


Lasts through generations.


Okay people I won't tell you this thing is perfect, yes it has it's drawbacks but it has more advantages.My GreatGrandmother bought this thing I can't even tell you how many years ago but she has been with God over 10 years now.My Grandmother took this thing over when she was caring for my GreatGrandmother and then my Grandfather.After their deaths she just threw a sheet over it and used it for a lamp table.When I got married in 2009 I moved into a trailor with less room than a shoe box.Nothing fits in my hallway except a laundry basket turned sideways.So this is where my hand-me-down washer and dryer are.They work great.Warning don't leave coins in your pockets you will have a time getting them out from under the ossilator although I have a trick for that. The best part is though we have the matching dryer and we found this great stacking stand you can get at sears so now we have stackable!You could tell kenmore to put something in the lid to hold it up though.When you open the lid all the way no problem but sence we have it stacked I can't open it all the way up and have to use a string to hold it that way.But I can move this thing anywhere I want to and it has wheels.One note about the wheels though, where they are if you do a load of towels-you know what towels do- place something under the corners of the machine or it rocks.

Creola, AL


Kenmore Portable Top Load Washer

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