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Top Load Washers
Kenmore HE Top Load Washer

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The worst major appliance I've ever bought!


We bought our Kenmore 26002010 HE washer in December. Six months later we had to call a repairman out. It turned out that some parts were defective. After hauling our laundry to a laundromat for nearly two weeks, the parts were replaced. We were able to wash about four loads of clothes before it stopped starting! I called and tech support said it would need to be rebooted. I did that. It took several attempts before it would start. I have not been able to consistently wash clothing at all without killing the power to the washer several times and holding the start button for more than 30 seconds several times just to wash two or three loads of clothes. We are now on our third service call. I am disgusted.

Sumter, SC


Kenmore HE Top Load Washer

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