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Front Load Washers
Kenmore HE Super Capacity Front Load Washer

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Workable washing machine


Would suggest getting the stand for it so it is off the floor and easier on your back. Is louder than I thought would be. Haven't had any problems with it and like that it uses less water and is energy efficient. Wish it had larger drum though so could wash comforters.

Belle Plaine, KS


Poor drainage in seal means mildew smell & slime all the time.


When a load is completed, the accordion-like seal will still have about 3/4 cup of the wash/rinse water still sitting in the rubber seal. If I don't use a towel to soak up this water after EVERY load, the washer develops a mildew smell and slime begins forming on the seal where the water is sitting. If I allow a washed load to sit in the basin for 1-2 hours, the sitting clothes take on the smell and have to be rewashed. Since the drainage holes in the accordian-like seal are located only on one side and are at the high point of the seal's folds, the water below this does not drain. I have checked for clear drainage holes and hoses, and run bleach and vinegar through the wash. When I leave the door open between loads, the slime still forms as it takes days for 3/4 cup of water to evaporate. Plus leaving the door open in a busy hallway is not feasible. My husband had the washer for 3 years before we married and disregarded the smell & scum. I love how well the spin cycle works, but not at this inconvenience. I am looking into Sear's return policy or hoping this seal has been recalled and the issue rectified.

Durango, CO


Works Wonder!


This washing machine is big enough to wash a king size down comforter.  It has so many settings which helps cut down on the cost of dry cleaning.  It is not a loud machine and does not effect the household.  This is next to our family room and no one ever knows that it is running unless the timer is set to go off.  I like the idea that it automatically knows how much water to dispense.  I always found it hard to judge how big a load really was.  The one thing that I do find annoying is that sometimes the clothes get trapped between the door and the rubber that holds the drum in place.  The clothes still get cleaned, but when stuck there they do not go through the spin cycle so they come out more wet then the rest of the stuff.  The first night we had it we sat in front of it watching it go through a cycle because you can see everything since the door is glass.  The door does tend to swing open fast and bounces when you open it.  Unless you know to open it all the way, it can be easy to break it.  Just be careful! 

Carlstadt, NJ


Front Loader is not all it's cracked up to be.


This was our first front load washer and I really don't care for it all that much. It washes just fine and seems comparable to all other washers I have had before (new or used). If possible get the stands for them. We don't have stands yet and our laundry baskets don't slide fit under the door. The doors are constantly banging into the laundry baskets and you have to pick them up and move them over the door. Which seems a little lazy, but it kind of just gets irritating after a while. Also make sure you want to see which way your pipes and vents are set up and which way the doors open. This was our first set of front loaders and the way our house is set up we could only put the washer and dryer in a certain place and the doors open into each other. So if you are transferring clothes from the washer to the dryer the doors bang against each other. I don't know if Kenmore offers different choices on the way the doors open, but it's worth checking into. My biggest issue too is the mold. If you don't leave  the door open to dry out, mold will grow on the rubber part right inside the door. I never knew this would happen with a front loader. Also forsome reason water keeps getting stuck in our bleach dispenser-evern though we don't use it that much. Evertime I open the detergent drawer (the detergent, fabric softener and bleach deposits are all in the same drawer) there is water sloshing around the bleach part of it. And now I have noticed mold growing inside it too. We bought it because we got a steal on the price and it's supposed to be energy efficient too, but I haven't really noticed that it uses less water. Also the thing is really loud when it spins. We have ours all the way in the basement and I can hear the spin cycle all over the house.  I probably won't buy another front load set again. I haven't really liked what I have had so far.

Warrensburg, MO


Everything smells moldy with this washer!


We've had this washer for a few years now. It always seems to smell moldy and the seal for the door has what appears to be black mold spots on it.  I have tried everything to remove these spots as well as the smell to no avail. I have tried bleach, vinegar, baking soda, several different detergents; nothing works. I hate that clothes often smell moldy after being washed in the washer. This is the first front loading washer I have ever had and I won't ever buy another one.  Beyond the smell parts have broken numerous times and need replacing every month or so. We didn't buy the pedestals that go underneath and trying to get the mess of wet clothes out of the washer is sometimes back breaking.  Another problem we have been having is that even though the washer has completed the entire cycle the clothes remain soaked as if when the cycle went through spin it didn't suck the water out of the clothes. This leaves me to hand wring the clothes in the set tub before putting them into the dryer. I really hate this washer and wish I could afford to buy a new different model.

Macomb, MI


Great washing machine for all kinds of laundry


We have had this washing machine for a little over a year now, and it does a great job on whatever laundry I put into it. My clothes, the baby's clothes, my husband's "work" clothes that he gets really dirty while working in the yard, bedding, towels, etc. I do not try to wash comforters in it because it's not big enough. I especially like that it is an energy star washing machine. The only things that are less than perfect about it are that it seems like I have to slam the door to get to close properly, and it is quite noisy - not sure if this is because it's on a home-made wooden pedestal that we made for it, or of it wuld be just as noisy on the floor or a different pedestal. I am looking forward to getting many years of use out of this washing machine. The absolute best thing abut this washing machine was that we got it for an amazing price on Black Friday - it was a rare opportunity to get something of high quality without paying a high price for it!

Randolph, VT


Kenmore HE Super Capacity Front Load Washer

3.3 6