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Kenmore Freestanding Gas Range 78764 78769

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Basic No Frills Gas Range that Works Great


I had this Kenmore Free Standing Gas Range for over five years in my old house. It is your basic gas range with no fancy bells or whistles but still had a nice modern look to it. The temperature control knobs were easy to read until after time, the settings writing began to wear away and you could not see it but you could still set them that way. The glass see through door was nice allowing you to make sure nothing was burning. However be careful when cleaning the door as the glass may not have been sealed tight enough on mine and the windex I was using got in between the glass panes and left permanent streaks. Another issue I had with the stove was that after a few years the enamel began to rust away in spots which looked awful and had to buy the appliance paint to touch it up. The performance however was great and it always worked very well. Perhaps the model I had came with some cosmetic imperfections but it did always work good. Temperature Control Temperature control was good Heat Distribution Heated evenly Durability Durable yet had some cosmetic issues Design Modern Look Ease of Cleaning Easy to clean

New Egypt, NJ


Absolutely love this oven!


I have lived at my house for almost 8 years now and this is the 3rd stove we have had since being here. This is by far the best stove we have had. I absolutely love it! It has heavy duty burner covers. It is very durable and has cooked everything perfectly. It has the digital display for the timer, bake and broil option, and the temperature setting. It has a light sensor when you open the oven door so you don't have to turn the light on every time. Everything I have cooked in this has came out great. There's no guessing on the amount of time to cook things. I put it on however many minutes the directions say to cook it on and it has been dead on every time. Great range! Temperature Control It has the digital temperature control on it and has been completely accurate every time I've used it. I have had no problems with it being off on the temperature. Heat Distribution Everything I have made in here has been cooked evenly throughout. I have cooked meat, potatoes, and muffins in it and all of them have came out the same and cooked perfectly. The burner settings adjust to exactly where you need them, unlike some gas stoves that you can't turn down very low or the flame will go out. This one works great. Durability It is very durable. The burner covers are very heavy and strong so there's no worries of them falling apart or not being able to handle everything. With them being so heavy you don't have to worry about them sliding around either. Design The design is nice. It's not too basic and not too crazy. It's just right. It doesn't have a ton of buttons for each thing so it makes it easy to work with. It's a nice sleek design that is easy to clean. Ease of Cleaning It is very easy to clean. The inside is all smooth and can be easily wiped out. The top is also very easy to clean. The burner tops come right off so you can easily clean around the burners. They are also easily wiped off since they have some sort of powder coat out clear coat protection on them that makes them quick to wipe down.



The Kenmore Freestanding Gas Range holds up pretty well.


I think it is important to mention that I am not a great cook. This range has proven adequate for all of my needs. It has several nice features (removable knobs, lift up range top for cleaning, adjustable racks in oven). I love the clock on it, but do not care for the fact that the clock disappears when the timer is on. It seems you should be able to choose which is displayed. Temperature Control Have some problems getting a low flame. It tends to have a small window between not enough to keep the flame going and pretty high. Heat Distribution Pretty good distribution. Of course type of pan probably plays a role in this one. Durability Has held up quite well. Even the little metal burner pans have proven pretty durable. Design The removable burner knobs have proven useful. Ease of Cleaning Like how the top lifts up.

Hanover, PA


Cheap steel used.


The first few weeks I was proud that I had purchased this range for my wife. But after using the self-cleaning oven feature and finding all of the chrome racks inside warped, distorted and discolored by the heat, I was less proud.Nothing in the instructions said to remove the guts of the range before cleaning, and I'd never had to do so with three previous ranges that I had owned. After about a month, I noticed that the finish on the heavy cast iron top burner grates were starting to bubble and peel. Again, nothing had been mentioned in the instructions about removing the burner grates before placing pots and pans on them to cook food.I also discovered that the black finish on the range is a poorly applied paint job. The top control panel is now scratched and marred from pans touching it from time to time.I'll never buy another Kenmore range again.

Sun Valley, NV


I love my Kenmore gas range!


I have owned a Kenmore gas range for 3 years, and I love it. It is my first experience using a gas rather than an electric oven, and I have nothing but positive experience. The design is simple, but nice. It is easy to keep clean and to wipe down. It is very user friendly with a digital oven control and even a kitchen timer. The grill plates are easy to clean as well. I like the storage drawer beneath. The interior of the oven is nice, and the racks are easy to adjust. Both the oven and the stove portion cook very well and very evenly. They are quick to heat up and quick to cool down as well. The range is sturdy and well made, and it was relatively simple for a friend to install. The price was reasonable for a range. I have been completely satisfied with my Kenmore range and have not one complaint to offer on it. I would highly recommend it to others and would purchase another range like it in a heartbeat. You won't be disappointed with this range!

Lagrange, OH


Beautiful and functional.


This Kenmore gas range is beautiful (you can get it in white or black), it has every function that you could ever need (as long as you are not a gourmet chef) and it is very easy to clean.  I got mine a few months ago when we bought our new house (I got the white one) and it still looks like it did the day we brought it home.  I love to cook and I have used this stove 2 or 3 times a day nearly every day to cook for my family.  There is plenty of room on the cooktop to use all 4 burners at once. I have not had to clean the oven with oven cleaner at all because it is easy to wipe clean without it.  I love the fact that it has the built in clock and timer and beeps loud enough for you to be able to hear it in the other room.  It also will beep once the oven gets to the temperature that you set it for to let you know that it is heated to the appropriate temperature.  It also has a very nice broiler. I would highly recommend this range.

Amarillo, TX


This is a great Grill


I                                                                                                         . Would                                                                                                 . Buy                                                                                                       . This                                                                                                           . Again                                                                                                           . Any                                                                                                                . Day                                                                                                                .

Modesto, CA


Kenmore Freestanding Gas Range 78764 78769

4.0 7