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Kenmore Elite 24 in. Double Drawer Dishwasher 13343

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Looks so nice in my kitchen!


We redid our kitchen and I loved the look of the two drawer dishwashers and I found this one on sale and decided that it would be ours. We have had it for about 5 months now and have never had a single problem with it. It works so quietly, very minimal noise level which is nice compared to our old dishwasher which was loud as can be. I like that with two drawers you can do a smaller load of dishes, even though this never happens at my house, it is always full. It is nice and roomy and fits a lot of dishes in it. The only negative thing I have found is that the drawers are not very tall, so sometimes big things have to be positioned a special way in there or they will not fit, but other than that I have absolutely no complaints with it. I use this at least one time a day and my dishes always come out nice and clean and I have never had any problems with it clogging up like my old dishwasher did. The dishes always come out clean and dry, which is nice to not have to have a towel handy to clean off the excess water like my old one.



Looks great but not so good at washing dishes


The people who own our house before us redid the kitchen and put in very nice looking stainless steal appliances. And all our friends think our dishwasher is very cool with it's two drawers. While the idea of two drawers so that you can wash half a load is a good idea, the drawers on this model are way to small. Our plates barely fit in the top draw and have to go in at a very particular angle, and they are not particularly big plates. They and our stemmed wine glasses do not fit in the bottom draw at all. This might be over looked but it also does a mediocre job of washing the dishes, often leaving crumbs in classes and on plates. It's also very noisy and has a long run time. I would not suggest getting this dishwasher.



Kenmore Elite 24 in. Double Drawer Dishwasher 13343

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