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Kenmore Elite 21086 Washer

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Kenmore Washer


Different than any other washer I have used as there is no HUGE agitator in the middle of the machine. Very large and efficient ! Seems like the cycles take longer than anything I've used in the past. Washer is VERY deep and since I'm a sort of short person I find myself standing on tip-toe to reach the items in the bottom of the washer. Not a real problem - it's just deeper than any other washer I've used in the past. Energy Efficiency Seems like the cycles take a lot longer than any other washer I've used in the past. Cleaning Time As I've said previously - it seems like the cycles take a lot longer. Maybe because there is actually a digital timer on the machine and I'm not used to that. Any other washer I've used I just wait until it shuts off and then I know it's done. This machine I tend to look at to see how much time is left. Not sure how long the cycle is on other washers but this one just seems to take a bit longer. Ease of Use Very easy to use. Has settings for all the cycles as well as extraction speed and heavy soil settings.

West Middlesex, PA


Has been a very dependable product.


I purchased this washer and dryer set about 12 years ago before I got married. I had two roomates at the time so this thing has really been put through the test with three college guys over loading and using this thing constantly. I am now married with two boys and my wife would like me to buy a new front loader but hey...this thing is still running strong so why invest the money until this one quits working. Ease of Use Doing laundry is a drag...so I can't say it is ever easy.



Kenmore Elite 21086 Washer

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