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Kenmore 73852 / 72854 (18.1 cu. ft.) Top Freezer Refrigerator

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Kenmore Refrigerator, purchased 3 months ago at Sears.


The only complaint we have is the motor is too noisy when it is running. Noise Level The motor is very loud rumble when it's running. Can hear it in other rooms of the house. Interior Organization Good, after you get used to putting things in the right places. There are shelves for short, medium & tall items. Enough individuals spaces for storing different items together in the same area. Temperature Control We have only had it 3 months, but temperature level has stayed constant. Ease of Cleaning Shelves and walls are easy to wipe. The back wall is a little hard to reach as it is deep and I am short. Durability Only had it 3 months, to soon to tell, but have had various other Kemore products in the last 48 years and they have been very durable. No complaints. Design Ours is black rough finish and it looks more expensive than it was.



I love my Kenmore


Overall, I really enjoy all of my Kenmore appliances. This refrigerator is another reason for that. It's big enough for my family of four's needs. I have a really easy time cleaning it and removing shelves/drawers necessary to clean it. The freezer is nice and spacious and I even store freezer meals in it. The fridge is very deep and can actually fit a lot. The doors are wide enough to store a gallon of milk easily or juice if you please. Noise Level Virtually silent. Interior Organization I have a very easy time organizing everything and being able to see everything at once. Very well lit too. Ease of Cleaning Very easy to clean. Durability Kenmore is always durable. Design Great for a busy family.



Kenmore 73852 / 72854 (18.1 cu. ft.) Top Freezer Refrigerator

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