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Kenmore (66102) 800 Watts Microwave Oven

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Solid small microwave


This microwave is a good small microwave! It's size is perfect for a small kitchen. Performance It performs as well as some of the larger, more powerful microwaves that I have owned. Settings/Features I appreciate that it has some of the more frequently microwaved items preset into the key pad. Our most used presets are popcorn and beverages, but we have used the others with great success, also. They are set at an appropriate cooking time. I also like the fact that this microwave has a turntable built into it. Ease of Cleaning Cleaning is fairly easy. A quick wipe after each use, while the inside still has a bit of moisture, makes clean up quick and easy. If there is caked on food, all you need to do is run a cup of water through a cycle and then wipe everything clean. I usually use vinegar water to clean which seems to help with any lingering odors. Ease of Use Using this microwave is very easy. The presets for cooking, the ability to defrost food, and the minute increment button make this microwave quick and easy to use. Durability We have had this microwave for over 5 years and it has done well for us! Design There are only a couple of drawbacks that I can think of with this microwave. First, if you open the door too slowly the microwave seems to turn on for a second. Completely opening the door turns it off, but it is strange nonetheless. Second, the way that the handle is shaped on the door makes it a little difficult to clean. It has corners inside the handle that get dirty and can take a little work to get fully clean.

Portland, OR


Kenmore (66102) 800 Watts Microwave Oven

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