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Kenmore 30" Electric Cooktop - Stainless Steel


Kenmore 30" Electric Cooktop — Sleek and Functional

The Kenmore electric cooktop 4540 features a radiant ceramic glass cooking surface with "All Touch" controls. The cooktop features two expandable 9 in./6 in. elements, two 6 in. radiant elements, and one 6 in. warming zone. It also boasts integrated indicator lights with LED readout that alert you when surfaces are still too hot to touch.

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This is a great little cook top and convenient.


This is a wonderful addition to any kitchen, especially when the holidays roll around. The burners actually don't get as hot as a regular stove top, but it works great if you need to put on some mashed potatoes, some green beans, some gravy, corn, and maybe a pot of stuffing. It's a wonderful item and it has saved us so much effort in the kitchen. When the family gets together, one stove is just not enough, but usually one oven is. With all of us working around each other, it is so nice to have an extra cook top going in a different part of the kitchen or dining room to help with clutter and to help get dinner ready faster. Temperature Control The temperature controls are wonderful. I have no issues at all. I can set all five burners to a different temperature and keep and eye on everything without cause for concern that the temperature is going to fluctuate and burn something. The only reason I can't give this a 10 is because it takes a long time to boil water and to cook things that require boiling. It doesn't take significantly longer, but it does take a few extra precious minutes. Heat Distribution The heat distribution on this is wonderful. It heats evenly and I can change temperature on each burner with ease. Durability I have no complaints with durability at all. Design I love the design of this, but I wish the burners were more effective at letting you know which burners are still hot. It needs something that shows when the burners have cooled down to a reasonable temperature. I can't count the number of times I have thought it was cool enough to move, and been unpleasantly surprised by the hot temperature. Ease of Cleaning This is so much easier to clean that a traditional cook stove. It only requires a quick wipe down and sanitizing.



Kenmore 30" Electric Cooktop - Stainless Steel

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