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Kenmore 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher 16182 / 16189

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A kenmore dishwasher which is a time saver.


I love this dishwasher. It gets the dishes super clean (be sure to use something like jet dry) I never have to worry about residue of any kind. This is top quality and helps me by saving me all the time it would take to hand wash the dishes. it is a wonder on pots and pans (you will have to remove anything stuck or burnt to the pots and pans before putting them in.) This is well worth the end results. Noise Level It is fairly quiet and never bothers me, after 9 pm it still makes too much noise 4 him to sleep. I just don't agree with him. Cleaning Time I really do not mind the time it takes although it is an appropriate amount. I just want the dishes clean and sterile. The time for this is reasonable. Loading Flexibility There are many different ways to load this for the best outcome and personal preferance. Performance As I said, this is a top notch machine. It is also made by Kenmore, a high quality company. Design A little plain, but that is my personal preference of how I like all my house hold machines and appliances. Durability I never had a problem that has needed any professional to come out. It is as good today as the day I bought it.



Meh, it's fine. Not a special dishwasher.


This is the second Kenmore dishwasher we've owned and, sadly, I'm not wildly impressed with it. It gets the job done, but is not particularly quiet or efficient. It has a "Smart Wash" feature, which does not seem to do anything differently than the regular wash feature. About once every two weeks, I need to re-wash a load of dishes as they were not fully cleaned. It doesn't perform so poorly that I'd get rid of it prematurely; but, if it dies, I'll be happy to replace it with a quieter, more efficient model! We have found, in general, that Kenmore appliances tend towards middle-of-the-road. They are affordable and functional, but rarely spectacular.

Monument, CO


Kenmore 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher 16182 / 16189

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